Frequently Asked Questions:

Automotive Design Consultancies

Q. How can I get a listing on the Automotive EMC network?

A. All we require is an e-mail stating which page you believe you should be listed on and the URL of your website to link the listing reference to (no listing can be provided for companies or individuals that do not have a website and appropriate URL).  A listing will not be placed on the site until the URL is checked out and the team are satisfied that the site is relevant and deserves listing.

Q. Can an individual consulting engineer be listed?

A. Providing they have a website that checks out as relevant to the team (i.e. explicit experience in automotive electrical design and/or automotive EMC), then an individual consulting engineer can be listed.  The site does not make any obvious distinction between a multi-national consulting company and a one-man consulting engineer, it is up to the site users to determine from the links who they are dealing with and whether the consultancy  can provide the service they require. 

Q. Are the listed design consultancies authorised by the

A. The Automotive EMC network only check that the website details that are provided are correct and that the company lists "Automotive Design" and/or "Automotive EMC" as one of their core competencies.  There is no guarantee that a company listed is exactly what is says it is, unfortunately the internet can allow people to falsely advertise.  If we get feedback we can remove a companies listing, but we do not actively check out the companies listed and do not have the resources to perform such a task. 2004                                                          TOP OF PAGE                                                             HOME