Frequently Asked Questions:

Equipment Suppliers

Q. Do the EMC Equipment suppliers only supply Automotive EMC equipment?

A. In most cases the suppliers listed provide general EMC equipment and some automotive specific EMC equipment.  The suppliers site should contain information on other equipment they supply.  As this site is dedicated to Automotive EMC those suppliers that provide Automotive EMC equipment are the primary suppliers featured, but as we are made aware of more suppliers they are being added to the listing.

Q. Are there significant difference between Automotive and General EMC Equipment suppliers?

A. Strictly speaking no, the suppliers should provide the same level of quality and service.  The main difference will be in the equipment itself, for example the LISN used for general EMC testing is 50uH/50 Ohms built in accordance with CISPR-16, the Automotive LISN is 5uH/50 Ohms built in accordance with CISPR-25.  Other differences exist for ESD, antenna factors and calibration, field strength and some test methods.  Consequently some general EMC test equipment is not suitable for testing to the Automotive EMC standards and vice versa.

Q. What about listing other types of Automotive test equipment suppliers?

A. The listing of Automotive electrical test equipment was considered for future pages but little interest has been shown.  If you know of suitable suppliers and their website send details to and these may be added to a page at some future date. Similarly if you have ideas for page content please forward them to the same address.

Q. How do I get my company listed?

A. Send the URL of your website to and we will check out your suitability and add if suitable. 2011                                                                                                                TOP OF PAGE