Frequently Asked Questions:

Automotive EMC Site

Q. Who owns/runs the Automotive EMC web site?

A. The site is run by a group of individuals who are committed to bringing information on Automotive EMC to the internet free-of-charge.  The different members of the team all work for various automotive OEM and tier 1 electronic equipment suppliers and support the site in their free time and independently of their employers, hence wish to maintain their anonymity.  

Q. Who pays for the upkeep of the site?

A. The site is run on a non-profit basis, but individuals and companies interested in helping to maintain the site are encouraged to consider sponsoring a page to pay for the site hosting and small administration fees (name registration and site pointing).  

Q. How can my company sponsor a page?

A. If a page has the term "Available for Sponsorship" on it then for a small fee your company, or even an individual, can sponsor it.  Visit the web sponsors page for further information and a sponsorship form.  

Q. How can I keep up-to-date with the site activities?

A. The simplest way is to visit regularly, but there is also be a quarterly text only e-mail on news and updates, changes to the automotive EMC standards etc. which will be mailed to AutoEMC subscribers.  To join the e-mailing list send an e-mail with the word SUBSCRIBE in the title line to

Q. Can I contribute to the site?

A. All contributions are welcome from any individual or company, providing they are submitted free of charge and without obligation.  Contributors will be acknowledged where they wish to be, alternatively the contributor can remain anonymous.  Contributions can be either for the quarterly newsletter, technical papers for inclusion on the download page or any other aspect contained in the web pages.  Send any contributions by e-mail to

Q. Why is the web site so basic looking?

A. There are 3 reasons for this; firstly to maximize speed of access, secondly due to the time constraints of the team in constructing the site and lastly none of the members are "professional" web site designers.  The last reason is not really an excuse for a poor web site and hopefully the site does not look poor, but if you have ideas for improvement please send them by e-mail to  The web master(s) will improve the site with time and useful feedback, but it is expected that it will always be relatively basic by web site standards as the sites' prime function is as an information portal, hence access speed and navigational simplicity will always remain the highest priority. 2011                                                                                                           TOP OF PAGE