The web site is a free information site and portal offering technical assistance to those involved in the field of design and testing of electrical and electronic circuits to meet the global Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards for automotive markets.


Technical Papers 

Technical articles and papers relating to automotive electrical design and EMC, available to download and links to on-line articles.


Automotive and EMC Links

Links to more automotive and EMC web sites, including Automotive Design Consultancies, Automotive EMC Test Services, EMC Equipment Suppliers and other related sites.


Quarterly Newsletter

A free-of-charge short quarterly newsletter of news related to Automotive EMC, standards, conferences, seminars and publications. Above link includes past issues and future issue deadlines for material inclusions.  


Automotive & EMC Events Listings

Calendar of 2011 EMC and Automotive conferences and links to other events calendars.


Automotive EMC Standards                 

Information on the most recent automotive EMC standards from ISO, CISPR, EU and OEM’s.  PDF copies of the EU Automotive EMC Directive 2004/104/EC and other related EU Directives.  The sites' own "Generic Automotive EMC Standard" is also presented.


If interested in any of the above or requiring further information, join the free mailing list by sending an e-mail to: news (at) AutoEMC (dot) net (use lowercase, replace words in brackets with symbols and remove all spaces) written to prevent auto-mailers spamming the website.


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