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This page is a non-open access page prepared specifically for sponsors and potential sponsors.


There are three opportunities for sponsorship of the Automotive EMC network; web page sponsorship, conference sponsorship and delegate bag sponsorship.


Web Page Sponsorship


The sponsorship used to be available annually and was charged on a low cost basis to cover the site hosting costs only, this is not on the traditional commercial page sponsorship model.  In 2007 this changed to a "Lifetime" fee for a period up to March 2013 and hence is not longer available until that date.  The sponsors can change their name and logo's if required up to twice annually over this period.


Automotive EMC Conference Sponsorship


The Automotive EMC Conference is held annually in either the UK or Germany, the two primary European markets for automotive electronic design and EMC test services.  The conference plans to alternate between countries , hence is to be held biennially in each and we expect sponsorship to similarly vary between German and UK suppliers (although we are seeing significant interest from global suppliers and global media sponsors for both UK and German conferences).


Sponsorship is in the form of "services in kind", hence involves no direct financial outlay to the Automotive EMC network.  Consequently we can afford to be selective about who we select for sponsorship.  Typically a company can become a sponsor by supplying advertising via their mailing lists (e.g. including a conference "flyer" in their mail shots, we will provide the flyers) and/or other direct service or equipment loans (e.g. supplying the conference poster image, supplying audio or video equipment for use at the conference).


It is very difficult to gauge the marketing benefit of sponsoring the Automotive EMC Conference, however, since no financial transactions take place it can not be considered a negative impact on a company regardless of the magnitude of exposure gained from being linked to the conference.  Sponsors not only  includes having your logo on the conference poster and associated publicity material, but also on the web site with a logo and hyperlink (the one case where we actually use logo's on the site, although we do reduce them in size sometimes).  The conference page receives an enormous number of hits in the run-up to the event itself, hence the sponsors will have had their name viewed by all these conference page web visitors, estimated at 100:1 distinct visitors to hits on these pages and a 50:1 visitor to referral rate for sponsoring companies.  


The poster (including sponsors logos) is printed as an A4 or A5 flyer by the Automotive EMC Network and made available as a downloadable image.  Our statistics indicate the poster is downloaded over 250 time per conference.  Assuming 25% of these downloads are printed and posted on company notice boards this should give in excess of 1000 additional viewers.


Reviews of previous conferences can be obtained via the Automotive EMC Newsletter and a specific sponsors review was produced for the 20042005 and 2006 conferences. If interested in becoming a sponsor of a future Automotive EMC Conference  then please get in touch by e-mail (e-mail to: conference@autoemc.net).


Delegate Bag Sponsorship  


The delegate bag sponsorship opportunity was devised as a method of providing good quality conference bags to attendees without incurring significant costs, either to the Automotive EMC Network or adding to the delegate fee.  The bag cost is covered by the sponsorship deal and this does not contribute anything to the profit of the conference.  


The delegate bag sponsors have their direct marketing materials inserted into the conference delegate bag so that each delegate receives their material.  This was first done in 2004 and was so successful that we decided to continue the opportunity at all other conferences.  


There are two delegate bag sponsorship possibilities; outright sponsorship and multi-sponsors.


Outright Sponsorship: This is where a single company completely sponsors the delegate bag (as in 2005).  They pay the full price of the purchase and printing of 100 delegate bags (if more are needed the Automotive EMC Network pay for any additional bags).  The year and venue of the conference is printed on the bag as is the sponsors logo (accent colours can be added for the logo if required, however this increases the overall cost).  The sponsor also has any materials they wish to provide (brochures, pens etc) placed in the delegate bags and no other companies materials will be included.


Multi-Sponsors: When we have no outright sponsor (as in 2004 and 2006) we will offer the opportunity to multiple companies to sponsor the delegate bag.  The cost to each company is approximately one sixth (1/6) of the outright sponsorship cost, hence the total cost of the bags is shared by the sponsoring companies.  A maximum of 10 companies will be permitted to sponsor the delegate bag in a multi-sponsor arrangement.  Each sponsoring company has their direct marketing materials, up to a defined size/weight, placed in the delegate bag.  The delegate bags will be non-date printed and will not carry any sponsoring companies logos' on the bag itself, these are measures to reduce the overall cost by allowing the Automotive EMC Network to purchase at higher volumes and reuse delegate bags at future conferences. 


A reviews of the effectiveness of delegate bag sponsorship  was produced for the 2004 and 2005 conferences (follow hyperlinks to view).  The details for 2006 are yet to be finalised, but if you are interested please get in touch by e-mail and you will be given first refusal on becoming a delegate bag sponsor (e-mail to: conference@autoemc.net).



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