24GHz Short Range Radar (SRR)

From the UK Department of Transport:

Please see below email from OFCOM, covering the subject of permitting new vehicles which are fitted with 24GHz automotive short range radar (SRR) as original equipment to use the 24GHz frequency on a temporary basis until around 2013. The availability of the 24GHz band allows the introduction of various safety related technologies sooner than if they were restricted to their long term home - which is the 79GHz band, where the pertinent technology is not yet mature. The radar could be used for detecting other vehicles or pedestrians. In 2013 migration to 79GHz radar should be complete and no new 24GHz equipment will be permitted into the market. (This is separate from Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which uses radar in the 77 GHz frequency band).

Comments should be submitted as directed in the consultation document and before 5pm on 23 May. The document is available on the OFCOM website as follows:


Dear all

Please make your stakeholders aware of the following:

On 21 April, in accordance with its statutory duties, Ofcom will publish a consultation document concerning the implementation of European Commission Decision 2005/50/EC. This Decision requires EU member states to designate and make available the 24GHz range radio spectrum band on a non-interference and non-protected basis, for automotive short-range radar equipment put into service in the community and which complies with the articles of the Decision. Member states must (it is a mandatory Decision) implement the Decision no later than 1 July 2005 and Ofcom will do this by making Regulations. Ofcom's notification period is one month, comments should be submitted as directed in the consultation document and before 5pm on 23 May.

The consultation document can be found on Ofcom's website www.ofcom.org.uk

Hard copies of the consultation and draft Regulations can be obtained from Diana.Kennedy@Ofcom.org.uk


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