AutoEMC Newsletter No.11: September 2005


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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Automotive Consumer Electronics Convergence Europe (ACE 2005)

This conference precedes IFA Berlin on 1st September 2005.


EMC Society of Australia 2005 Symposium

Being held between 6-8 September in Melbourne, further details at;


IPC 2nd European Designers Learning Symposium

Being held on 7th September 2005 at the Blue Mountain Golf Club, Bracknell, this event is primarily targeted at PCB designers and includes a session on EMC for Automotive Applications that is probably of most relevance to our readership.


EMC UK 2005

The second annual EMC UK Conference and Exhibition is being held on 11-12th October at the Racecourse, Newbury.  There are many sessions on general EMC issues and a half session specifically on Automotive EMC on the morning of Wednesday 12th October.


MIRA EMC Training Course

The final course of 2005 will be run on 1st November at MIRA's Nuneaton facility, UK. The fee is 300 and booking forms and details of the course can be found on the MIRA website.


Automotive EMC 2006: Early Call for Papers

The "Call for Papers" for next years Automotive EMC Conference has been issued earlier than usual and has a relatively late deadline of 16th December 2005. The conference and table top exhibition is to be held on 17th May 2006 at the Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon, UK.  Last year we had to return some papers submitted after the deadline so would like to encourage all potential contributors, even those who's paper may still be in a very preliminary state, to consider submitting a synopsis sooner rather than later.


CEM 2006 - Sixth International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics
The conference to be held on 4-6 April 2006 in Aachen, Germany has issued it's "Call for Papers" with a deadline of 28th October 2005.


ISO/TS 16949 Workshops in North America

Intertek Automotive Systems Certifications (IASC) are providing workshops on how to avoid the most common non-conformances to the ISO/TS 16949 standards throughout the fall period.  Further details such as dates, locations and pricing can be found via their website;


IEEE 2005 International Symposium on EMC

The automotive EMC newsletter would be grateful for any review of this event, held on 12-18 August 2005 in Chicago, for inclusion in its next newsletter.


Dove House Associates Limited Custom Course

With Terry Beadman as the senior consultant offers training in legislation understanding and quality systems. The courses will be designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer and will take place at the customer's premises. The training will provide a way of training all necessary staff with only relevant course content being presented.





UK Implementation of EU Automotive EMC Directory

A bulletin issued in July gave details on how the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) and the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) will be implementing the EU Directive 2004/104/EC into UK law.  This may be of interest to other bodies outside of the UK on how the legislation in being handled locally and for those outside of Europe on how these regulations move from the Official Journal (OJ) into law. The bulletin has been made available for those who missed it in July.


Corrigendum to Commission Directive 2004/104/EC

The EC have issued a CORRIGENDUM (Latin: an error in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet) to the new Automotive EMC Directive 2004/104/EC.  This appears to mainly deal with editing errors in the use of 95/54/EC instead of 2004/104/EC.


Do Automotive Products Need to be CE Marked?

This is a question we get regularly asked at the Automotive EMC Network and one which is not always easy to answer.  The attached guidance by the EU Commission illustrates that some products, even when intended for vehicle use only, do in fact still need to meet the essential requirements of the generic EMC directive (kindly supplied by Keith Armstrong of Cherry Clough Consultants).


RoHS Directive Final Decision on MCV

The final Commission decision 2005/618/EC of 18 August 2005, amending directive 2002/95/EC (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) for the purpose of establishing the maximum concentration value (MCV) for certain hazardous substances in Electronic and Electrical Equipment (EEE) was published in the Official Journal; L 214/65.



EMC Test


Schaffner to Sell Test Business

One of the biggest EMC news stories to the come in the summer was the announcement by Schaffner Group of its' intension to sell its highly successful test business and concentrate on the components sector.  As one of only 3 companies we know of that produces automotive transient generators, this came as quite a shock to ourselves.  We wish the people who work within this business group good luck with finding a suitable buyer in the near future to reduce the uncertainly this must put on their current trading position.  There are contact details in the link below for anyone who may be interested in purchasing this Swiss business unit!


Intertek-Entela Boston Lab Achieves Automotive Accreditation

The Boston office of Intertek ETL Entela has received AEMCLAP (Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program) Accreditation through A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation). The facility is the only lab in New England to receive AEMCLAP accreditation.


ACIL Plans for 21st Century

The American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) have issued a statement on their "Blueprint for Success in the 21st Century".  This is available on-line for those interested and/or affiliated with the ACIL.   





Automotive Linux

We've previously stated our doubt about the stability of Windows CE for automotive applications in these newsletters and now it appears someone else is looking to employ Windows only serious rival; Linux, in the automotive field. Linux, like Windows, is not a true Real Time Operating System (RTOS) so limited so telematics and some security and body applications, but it does offer some serious advantages including stability and low/no licensing cost.  The article below appeared in the July Automotive Designline Newsletter.


Automotive OEM's Slow to Adopt Bluetooth

Strategy Analytics presented a new study indicating strong reluctance by too many automotive players to meet the large and ever growing opportunity for in-vehicle hands free cell phone use via Bluetooth.  We at the Automotive EMC Network were somewhat unsurprised at this, but many marketers are still trying to push Bluetooth as the cellular integration solution for the Automotive market, but the costs are clearly not quite there yet, particularly for certification.


Consumer Boom in Portable Navigation Systems Presents Opportunities to Vehicle Manufacturers

A new report from SBD analysing the navigation market and technology trends in Europe predicts that the market for portable equipment such as personal navigation devices (PNDs) and personal digital assistants (PDAs) will double between 2004 and 2005, while sales of built-in vehicle systems will increase by just 20 per cent. It concludes, however, that the soaring demand for portable systems gives vehicle manufacturers an opportunity to boost sales of OE embedded equipment to much higher levels.


Slower Processors Can be Better
When people talk about processor benchmarks, the conversation usually ends up being all about speed. Other metrics, such as energy efficiency, are often given less attention or are completely overlooked. The unspoken assumption driving these conversations is that a faster processor is better.  The EMC perfromance of a slower processor is also usually much better than a faster device.


Philips Gains Control of Lumileds

Royal Philips Electronics has gained a controlling 96% interest in Lumileds. Created as a joint venture between Philips and Agilent Technologies in 1999.  Lumileds was set up to pioneer everyday uses of solid-state lighting.


Acquisition Enhances Automotive EMC Offering

Wurth Group has acquired Induktive Bauelemente (IBE) based in Thyrnau near Passau (Germany). IBE employs 630 staff in its production plants in Thyrnau, Budweis (Czech Republic) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and attained sales of around Eur 20 million in 2004. The ISO/TS16949 certified company is known as the technology and process leader in customised interference suppression chokes for the automotive industry.  





Website Statistics

The half yearly web statistics were compiled in early July and are available online. So far 2005 has seen a stunning increase in site traffic, surpassing the 2004 figures in May but slowing down in June.  It is too early to determine if we have hit our peak traffic, but we believe the early 2005 surge is primarily due to the release of the EU Automotive EMC Directive in late 2004, although we have retained a lot of traffic from those early visitors as the year has progressed.


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