Website Statistics for First Half of 2005


The first half of the third year of the sites’ operation has exceeded all expectations, hit rates are up by 240% from an average 13500 per month in the last half of 2004 to just under 32000 per month for the first half of 2005, resulting in over 190,000 hits so far this year (1st January to 30th June 2005). 


A lot of this success has been due to the hosting of the updated EU Automotive EMC directive and this can be clearly seen in the enormous hit rate the Papers and Standards sections of the site has received, both are already up 100% on last years total figures.  Another section that has seen a significant increase in interest is the Conference pages that have exceeded expectations although this did not translate into an especially good attendance figure at this years Automotive EMC 2005 conference (see conference review in the June Newsletter, issue 10).


The increase over last years figures are drawn into stark relief by the passing of last years total number of hits of just over 132000 in just over 4 months of 2005 on 4th May, the day after the sites highest single hit.  Another statistic that impressed the network is the average hit rate of over 1000 per day for the first half of 2005, including weekends, although this figure has fallen since the conference in May and does not look likely to be sustained into the later half of 2005.


The re-indexing of most sub-sections has also seen a reduction in the "Others" section of hits, attributed to robot searches of non-existent pages and attempts to hit sub-levels via non-indexed references.  This is down to only 104 from over 18000 in 2004.


Webstats Summary


Measure Total Hits Comment

Total Hits for H1,05


1st January to 30th June 2005

Average Daily Hits


1332 excluding weekends

Highest Daily Hit


Tue 3-May-05

Lowest Daily Hit


Sat 1-Jan-05



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