EMC UK 2005: Conference & Exhibition


The EMC UK 2005 Exhibition and Conference was held on 11-12th October at Newbury Racecourse.  The conference was well attended with over 150 delegates present and the Exhibition space was similarly full of exhibitors with 56 stands being occupied, some representing multiple companies or organisations.


This year the Conference and Exhibition were maintained within the single Grandstand building (last year the use of adjacent buildings for some conference sessions had apparently not proved popular).  The conference was on the top floor, with catering on the first floor and the exhibition on the ground floor once again.  


The conference was very well attended in almost all modules, on both days, possibly reflecting the depth of topics covered.  The conference streams covered the most pertinent and current hot topics in EMC; Legislation, Standards, Testing, Rail, Defence and a half day session on Automotive EMC.  A total of 36 papers were presented at the conference and contained in the excellently produced printed proceedings, as last year in full colour.


On the first day the morning module was used to introduce the new EMC directive and to discuss it's implementation.  There were no papers in the proceedings for this module?  The module 2 of the Tuesday continued this theme with EMC Design and the Environment as its general title.  Unfortunately there were a couple of very commercial presentations in this module from software and absorber suppliers.  The WEEE and RoHS presentation received a lot of questions from the floor, illustrating just how unprepared the industry is for these directive, very reminiscent of the early days of the EMC directive.  Module 3 covered Telecommunications, mainly covering standards activities and testing.  


The Grandstand at Newbury Racecourse, home of EMC UK Conference and Exhibition.

The Exhibition hall looked pretty full although some exhibitors complained about delegate access.


The Wednesday sessions were again split into 2 modules; Automotive and Railways in module 4 and Defence and Avionics in module 5.  Attendance at the module 5 was extremely high with over 70 delegate in attendance and 10 papers presented (although not all are in the proceedings).  This is undoubtedly an area of growth in the EMC world as previous years have seen very low attendances at such topics as the military and avionics fields were the preserve of few suppliers and test services.  It appears the interest in this field is growing with the move to COTS for some military parts opening up this field for otherwise commercial service providers.  The attendance at module 4 was lower than the military session and the papers appeared concerned with rail more than automotive, but as I was attending module 5, I am unaware of how this module was received.


While the delegates at the conference appeared to be happy, several exhibitors appeared not to be as happy with the arrangements that meant the delegates could attend the conference without visiting the exhibition due to the layout and catering arrangements.  Some also thought that insufficient time was provided between sessions to allow delegates to get around the exhibition during breaks.  Despite these complaints apparently 60% of exhibitors have booked again for 2006 at the same venue on 17th and 18th October.



November 2005 


Note: The Automotive EMC's own Martin O'Hara was chair of the Automotive Session and comments below;


The automotive session had about 30 delegates in attendance and although not as popular as the defence module, the papers were well received.  There were only 3 automotive papers in the session and one on rail transport and the paper on the EMC grounding trackside equipment of the London Underground did receive the largest number of questions in the module


I too have spoke to some exhibitors and received similar comment that the above reviewer received about the problems of access the exhibitors felt they had to the delegates, but believe this is to be changed for 2006.


Martin O'Hara

November 2005 


Note: The above photo's were also supplied by Martin

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