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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Automotive EMC 2006: Final Call for Papers

The "Call for Papers" for next years Automotive EMC Conference has been issued and has a deadline of 16th December 2005, just 2 weeks away. The conference is to be held on 17th May 2006 alongside NEEDS 2006 at the NEC Birmingham (note the change of venue).  We have already received a few synopses but welcome as many as we can accommodate into the conference.


Advanced Automotive Electronics, Conference & Exhibition 

A reminder of the forthcoming conference on 25th January 2006 in Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK at the Williams F1 Racing centre, worth the trip just for the show pieces.


Innovative Braking and Chassis Control 2006

With the move towards the “networked vehicle” and the development of new friction materials, a lot of innovations and new technologies are under discussion. Crucial questions still remain: How reliable and safe is EBS? Is “hybrid braking” a good compromise to combine the best of two systems? How can NVH be optimised to ensure high comfort to the customers? 3rd – 5th April 2006, Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel & Towers, Frankfurt a.M., Germany.


Intelligent Interior Lighting

Are you aware that till 2015 innovative lighting functions will provide a complete new range of design options for the automotive, aircraft, marine, and railway industries? Topics covered include next generation lighting systems with LED and OLED, innovative interior design, ambience lighting for automotive, aircraft, marine and railway


NEEDS 2006

Co-located with the Automotive EMC Conference, the NEEDS 2006 event on 16-18 May 2006 at NEC Birmingham has recently issued its "Call for Papers". Subjects need to be closely related to the many European Directives and their international equivalents that affect the UK’s electrical and electronic industries.


EMC UK 2005

The second annual EMC UK Conference and Exhibition was held on 11-12th October at the Racecourse, Newbury.  A short review has been supplied by one of the conference delegates.





Automotive EMC Directive

Please note there has been some small amendments (which are essentially corrections) to the Automotive EMC Directive. Many references to ISO standards are updated to the latest version.  This was introduced as Directive 2005/83/EC.

ORGALIME Guidance to the WEEE and RoHS Directives

ORGALIME have produced a fairly comprehensive guide to the WEEE and RoHS directive that may be of interest to some of our readers.  The PDF at 2.5MB is not small so don't use this link if you don't have broadband access!



EMC Test


Intertek-Entela China Achieves AL2A Accreditation and VCA Accreditation for their US Labs

Clearly this company see their global business being in Automotive testing and as such are making sure their laboratories around the world are capable of performing the necessary Automotive testing (not just EMC) to enable them to offer a  one-stop compliance shop from just about anywhere in the world.


ACIL Round Robin and Seal of Excellence

The American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) have issued a statement on their round robin test requirements for the fall of 2005;

The current list of laboratories that have obtained the ACIL Seal of Excellence are listed; Press Release 1005.pdf   





Automotive Simulation Comes of Age

Flomerics and SimLab have together created a software interface linking board-level and system-level electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis for the first time.  This combining of tools is probably the first of the integration of EMC analysis tools that may follow the same path as PCB level ECAD tools that results in a significant reduction in the number of players in this market.  More details on the combining of RadiaSim and Flo/EMC can be found in the press release;


Delphi Files for Bankruptcy

If you are waiting for a payment from a Delphi company (as we are at the Automotive EMC Network have since our May conference) then you will perhaps not be surprised to hear they have filed for bankruptcy in the US.  The American press are dubbing the month that Delphi filed for chapter 11 as "Black October" and the ramifications for GM, who de-merged Delphi in 1999, are also still not fully known.



8-Bit Micro's Still Dominate In-Vehicle

According to this recent article in Embedded Systems Design the humble 8-bit micro has had a recent resurgence in the automotive field and accounts for over 50% of the processors in a typical vehicle network.;jsessionid=SOIUGPPR2XXPMQSNDBCCKHSCJUMEKJVN


Comment: it's odd that so many silicon suppliers are targeting the automotive marketplace for their products, while at the same time some of the biggest names in the business, such as Delphi and Motorola, appear to be struggling?  There are numerous reasons for the problems at Delphi and for Motorola wishing to sell it's automotive division, but one thing is clear, there is still a lot of activity and business in automotive electronics. 





EMC Blog Site

The Automotive EMC Network always wanted to build a forum for subscribers to discuss EMC matter, however we lacked the skill or time to develop such a site. Fortunately someone else has done the job for us and although it's early days for the site it has generated some interest already amongst some of our regular contributors.


ESD and Transient Generator Supplier

There aren't too many suppliers of this type of kit in the world so it was interesting to hear recently from Kikusui Electronics Corp from Japan who are now added to our Equipment list pages.





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