Web Site Statistics for 2005


This is the sites third year of operation and due primarily to hosting the new EU Automotive EMC Directive (2004/104/EC) the site saw a phenomenal increase in hits in the first four months of the year.  Although initial hit rates failed to be sustained in the latter half of the year the numbers are still up by almost 75% on last years figures for the last 6 months of the year.


Overall hit rates are up by almost 150% from an average 11,030 per month in 2004 to just over 26,500 per month for 2005, resulting in just under 320,000 hits in 2005 with the 250,000 hits mark exceeded on 30th September 2005. 



Hits by Web Section

























The success of the site can be seen to be not solely dependant on the hosting of the EU Automotive EMC Directive, as although that has helped increase the hits to the Standards pages by over 400%, the Technical Papers pages are still the biggest contributor to site hits (up by 300%) and account for most of the 200MB per week downloads from the site.


The correction of a link error in the Equipment pages in 2004 has also resulted in a 200% increase in this pages activities, with the Test, Design and Links pages seeing a more modest 30%-50% increase in activity.


The one disappointing statistic is the Conference page, which despite an increase in hits of over 100%, resulted in no increase in actual delegates at the 2005 Conference over the 2004 event?  Maybe 2006 will see the benefit of this increase in site activity.


The "Others" sections were filtered from August 2004 and this has been significantly successful in reducing the impact of old page hits and hits from web ROBOTS and SPIDERS.



Web Statistics Summary



Total Hits


Total Hits for 2005


1st January to 31st December 2005

Average Daily Hits


1083 excluding weekends

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It is enormously gratifying to finally exceed 1000 hits per weekday average over the year.  This is a significant milestone for the site and illustrates that many people do use the site regularly rather than just as a one-off event.  This is what the site is intended to be for, a resource on this niche area of EMC for use by engineers on an "as and when" basis and to maintain up-to-date information on all aspects of automotive EMC.  However, the site is reliant on it's readers input as well as patronage, so please keep information for the Newsletter and Technical Papers flowing to the appropriate place; news@autoemc.net.


Prospects for 2006


We completely underestimated the number of hits we would have in 2004 and again in 2005, however, we do feel that the site is reaching saturation this figure and that just over 20,000 hits per month is a healthy and sustainable figure for our future (exceeded in all but 2 months of 2005).  


We know we have not reached saturation on the e-mail newsletter and at close to 1500 subscribers have probably another 500 or so potential subscribers out there.  This is one area that has struggled to grow throughout 2004 and 2005, adding only 100 to the 2004 closing figure.  This year did see us loose many subscribers from MG Rover in particular, but also from their supplier base and some US companies after Delphi filed for Chapter 11 in October.  While we lament the loss of contact, we also wish all those that were effected by these events in 2005 a happier 2006. 


We are always looking at ways of improving the site and if you have any ideas please forward to  webmaster@autoemc.net.



AutoEMC.net Webmaster

6th January 2006


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