ACIL EMC Proficiency Tests


ACILís Round Robin program serves the commercial EMC laboratory community.


ACILís ongoing program offers two different artifacts to address both radiated and conducted commercial EMC emissions measurements:


These proficiency tests are intended for any laboratory interested in utilizing an inter-laboratory comparison program to assure the quality of test results in accordance with section 5.9 of ISO/IEC 17025.  Although not specifically stated in the text of ISO/IEC 17025, accreditors and regulators have taken the position that if inter-laboratory comparison or proficiency testing programs are available, they will become a requirement of accreditation. Both NVLAP and A2LA, for example, require accredited laboratories to participate in such programs where they exist.


The calibrated test items are owned by ACIL and are circulated successively from one lab to another.  Each round robin cycle is limited to a group of 10 laboratories.  Upon completion of the 10 laboratory cycle, program results will be compiled and published by ACIL with the identity of each individual participating laboratory remaining confidential.


The cost for each round is $800 for ACIL members and $1500 for non-members, payable at the time of registration (online).  Registration may be found on the ACIL Web site at you can click on EMC Proficiency Tests on the ACIL Web page,, or you may call ACIL at 202-887-5872 . (If the links do not immediately work for you, cut and past them into your browser.)



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