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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Hybrid Vehicle Conference 2006

12-13 December, Coventry, UK.  The purpose of this event is to bring together Academia, Industry and Government to consider all of the issues associated with Hybrid Vehicles that will have to be addressed to ensure their future success.


Advanced Automotive Electronics 2007
Following on from the successful launch of AAE2006, the second Advanced Automotive Electronics 1-day technical conference and exhibition will be held at the Heritage Motor Centre on 31st January 2007. Last years event was attended by and a review of this is available via Newsletter 13, March 2006. In 2007 we will be presenting a paper on the new EU Automotive EMC Directive at the conference.

Further good news for Automotive EMC Newsletter subscribers wishing to attend the above conference is that the organisers have offered a discount to readers responding to the following article;

KGS TechnoFair 2006

A brief review of the KGS TechnoFairs held last month in Japan has been provided by two of the speakers.  This is our first report of the automotive EMC community in Japan.


2007 IEEE EMC Symposium

8-13th July 2007, Hawaiian Convention Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Call for papers is still open until 15th December 2006.  This is bound to be a well subscribed event given the location and we feel the potential for a deadline extension is remote.


Engineering Integrity Society Green Vehicle Conference

Still being organised for 2007, an open e-mail for suggestions has been sent to the Automotive EMC Network


For our events calendar we are now listing for 2007, please send in any relevant events you feel would be of interest.





A Generic Automotive EMC Test Standard
A generic automotive EMC test standard was proposed at the Automotive EMC 2006 Conference, this was an attempt to find a "middle way" through the plethora of vehicle manufacturer standards.  Although not 100% complete the Automotive EMC have decided to issue the specification in its current draft form to garner further input from the EMC test industry after we received a lot of requests for this from tier 1 suppliers.  Further details are available via a ahort article by the specification author.


EU Commisision Directive on Harmonisation of Short Range Radio Devices Radio Spectrum

These technologies are being proposed for several vehicle uses, both vehicle-to-raodside systems (tolling and information exchange) and vehicle-to-vehicle networks (active collision avoidance and traffic information).  Hence this directive could be the basis for some future pan-European road tolling or traffic management systems.


Standards Portal for Sino-US Traders
ANSI and SAC the two primary standards bodies for the USA and China respectively have set-up an inter-trade standards portal.  This is a potentially useful resource for those also in the EU or other states looking to do business with the two economic regions.



EMC Test


3C Test Ltd Grand Opening at Silverstone

A3C Test Ltd's move to Silverstone was marked with a very grand opening that the Automotive EMC Network were lucky enough to be invited to.  A short report on the official opening, perfromed by ex-Formula 1 champion Damon Hill, has been posted.


US EMC Test Club

After last months item about the UK EMC club scheme, we were contacted about a similar scheme that has recently been resurrected in the USA.

York EMC Get NARTE Approval

NARTE has appointed York EMC Services Ltd, University of York, as the first NARTE Authorised Test Centre in the UK. NARTE are also working with York to develop an education programme to enable EMC engineers and technicians to successfully take the NARTE Certification examinations.


Accreditation of EMC Laboratories in the United States

Since 1990, the accreditation of EMC laboratories has become increasingly important in many parts of the world.  This article by Werner Schaefer in Conformity describes the proces for the USA.


Agilent Technologies Signs Agreement to Acquire Acqiris, a Leading Provider of High-Speed Digitizers and Analyzers

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Acqiris SA today announced they have signed an agreement for Agilent to acquire Acqiris SA, a privately held company that provides high-speed digitizers and analyzers used in commercial, industrial and government electronics markets. The transaction is subject to standard closing conditions. Financial details were not disclosed.

From 13th November press release;


TÜV SÜD America Inc. Acquires EST Testing Solutions of Michigan

TÜV SÜD America, Inc., a global test and certification firm, has announced the acquisition of EST Testing Solutions, an environmental and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing organization specializing in providing services to the automotive and furniture industries.  Maybe they specialize in testing car seat?  More information is available from the Interference Technology website;





IC Makers Start to Recognise EMI Effects 

Maxim IC’s have page specifically on EMI reduction IC’s, several other IC manufacturers have in the past recognised the influence they can have on on emissions, but few address issues of immunity other than ESD.


Extreme Automotive Environment Challenges Sensor Design

Regardless of the specific application, most automotive sensor modules share a common high-level architecture and a set of stringent requirements that make for a challenging design under the high temperatures, noise, and vibration found in a car. Here are some design hints to deal with these hurdles in this Automotive DesignLine "How To".


IDE Adds Support For Automotive RTOS

Green Hills Software and LiveDevices have announced that the RTA-OSEK RTOS has been integrated with the Multi integrated development environment (IDE).  Developers of automotive ECU software can now reduce their development time, produce code with fewer bugs and lower their production cost with Green Hills Software's industry-leading ECU development tools combined with RTA-OSEK.


Advanced Technetix Acquires EMR Suppression Nanotechnology
Albuquerque-based, Advanced Technetix has acquired patented electromagnetic radiation suppression technology from Anonize Corporation, a privately held Canadian firm that has ceased operations for lack of ongoing funding. Advanced Technetix will begin incorporating the technology into its existing products and planned consumer electronic accessories. Advanced Technetix also plans to sell these nanotechnology suppression powder compounds directly to cell phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola as well as to other portable device manufacturers. Reported in Interference Technology.


BMW debuts FlexRay on X5

Reliable data communications in modern microprocessor and software crammed cars goes without saying. The FlexRay bus was developed to provide improved fault-tolerant data communication in vehicles. Now BMW has put the first car on the road equipped with the technology and plans to ramp up its use by 2008. In an Automotive DesignLine exclusive feature you can find out how BMW and supplier engineers integrated FlexRay seamlessly and economically into the new X5. Automotive DesignLine article





Digital Publication Will Serve Japan’s EMC Community

ITEM Publications and TÜV Ohtama, which operates a comprehensive test laboratory in Kawasaki, Japan, have teamed to produce a new digital publication to serve EMC professionals throughout Japan. Interference Technology Japan is slated to launch in February 2007 with technical articles, product introductions, standards updates, and industry news.


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