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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Automotive EMC 2007: Navigating Automotive Compliance

This years event will be on 16th October at Newbury Racecourse, UK in partnership with EMC UK 2007.  The call for papers is just issued and we invite all potential authors to consider contributing a short synopsis.  Partial details on the conference are now on-line as is the Call for Papers.


EMV 2007 Stuttgart - International Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility with Workshops
The bi-ennial EMV in Stuttgart runs from Tuesday, 6th March to Thursday, 8th March at Messe Stuttgart Hall 61 and CCB, Kochenhof 16, 70192 Stuttgart, Germany.  Includes 2 sessions on Automotive EMC on the first day.

The Engineering Integrity Society's 24th Annual Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition 

The event will take place on 7 March at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire.  Details of the day including the two free presentations, entry ticket and list of exhibitors can be viewed at

First Annual International Electrostatic Discharge Workshop
An early reminder of this as it is the first time this event has been run.  Between Monday 14th May and Thursday 17th May at Stanford Sierra Conference Center, Lake Tahoe, CA organised by the ESD Association.

EMC Japan 2007

The Twentieth Exhibition of Electromagnetic Interference Solutions is being held from 18 to 20 March at Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan.  EMC Japan is an annual exhibition highlighting the very latest technologies for achieving electromagnetic compliance. Varied displays from the world’s leading manufacturers include the devices, materials, and equipment that attenuate, shield, test, or monitor to foil unwanted interference.


Percipient Signal Processing: Seeing the Unseen in High Dimensional Spatio-Temporal Data

Organised by the Southeastern Michigan IEEE EMC Society and presented by: Dr. Alfred Hero of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  2007 IEEE Spring Section Conference will be held on Thursday, 29 March at University of Michigan, School of Management, Fairlane Center North, 
19000 Hubbard Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126.


Advanced Automotive Electronics 2007
Another excellent conference was held on 31st January 2007 at the Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon, a review of the event has been posted by one of the presenters for those that were unable to attend.





A Generic Automotive EMC Test Standard
We were very pleased, if somewhat surprised, with the level of interest shown in the Generic Automotive EMC Standard we published in December, however, we have little feedback on the standard itself, mostly on the likelihood of it being adopted or recognised by vehicle makers.  Any items that you wish to raise issue with or think needs further work please reply with ideas or comments to this e-mail.


UK Final Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2006

The United Kingdom’s Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has released a report assessing the anticipated economic costs to producers in the UK of complying with the essential requirements of the new EMC Directive, 2004/108/EC.


UK DTI Finally Release the WEEE Legislation Guidance Document

ELV will probably be more relevant than WEEE to most of our readers, but those who also produce for commercial markets might find the UK's interpretation and guidelines of interest, even if they are a little late than most EU countries!



EMC Test


2GHz BCI Probe

One of the additions to the EU Automotive EMC Directive was the allowing of BCI for larger whole vehicle immunity testing over the whole radiated immunity frequency range to 2GHz, but where were the probes?  Well a Japanese company, Elena, appear to have the only solution we have found. Although we've not been able to test the product so can only report on its existence and one of our regulars believes this is actually made by Fischer Custom Communications in the US, but their website ( makes no reference to the product?   We'd welcome feedback on this or any other probes capable of being used at 2GHz.


Software Used for EMC Testing

We received a small thread of e-mails about this topic from the USA and Europe that we thought made interesting reading.  We'd welcome further input from any readers with a view on the topic.





Testing System Design Components for Electromagnetic Interference Problems

This "how to" article from Automotive Designline really focuses on the test available for components rather than the design side of things, but every bit of information helps.


Making the Transition to 42V Electrically-Powered 'Beltless Engines'

Did 42V ever really go away or has it always been there in the background "bubbling away" and waiting for the power/price/performance criteria to make commercial sense before springing forth fully formed?  News of developments have certainly died away since early 2005, but maybe it is still "just around the corner" (as it was in 1998).  Will 42V be tomorrows technology or the best technology never to be fully developed?  Another "how to" from Automotive Designline looks at beltless engines, always one of the primary applications proposed for 42V.


EM Simulation and Design Software

Another topic we keep seeing in the technical press and at many conferences, now Interference Technology have started an "Ask the Expert" section to their web pages.  We hope this will be a worthwhile point of reference, especially for those struggling to get sensible results from some of the more complex simulation tools that are available.


A Reflection on the PCB Industry

Not especially automotive related, but this interview with Happy Holden (it's a genuine name and also explained in the interview) is an excellent run through the history of the PCB industry by someone who has been at the coal face of the PCB industry for nearly 40 years.  It is from EDA Cafe, a journal unlikely to be familiar to those who do not produce PCB designs.    





Web Statistics for 2006

Another bumper year up 9% on 2005. Although slowing towards the end of 2006 and possibly now showing a reduction due to the release and implementation of the EU Automotive EMC directive, we expect a more steady future site activity.  Full details as usual in the annual report.



Those who have been with us a long time will probably be aware that we also have the web address for and pointing to our real site at  These 2 alias addresses are seeing significant hits, exceeding 200 and 100 per day from near zero a year ago.  We have also had "" (i.e. missing the www. pre-cursor) pointed at our site for those who wish to save key presses!





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