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Automotive and EMC Conferences


IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2007

12 - 15 June 2007, Hilton Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey with workshops will take place on June 12, 2007 in the Gumussuyu, Taksim campus of Istanbul Technical University, within walking distance of the symposium venue.


Workshop EMC Europe
14 – 15 June 2007, Paris, France


International Symposium on EMC and Electromagnetic Ecology

26 - 29 June 2007, St Petersburg, Russia


3rd IET Conference on Automotive Electronics

28 - 29 June 2007, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK


IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Soc. UKRI Chapter

50th Anniversary Event at Brooklands Museum. Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0QN, on Wednesday June 20th 2007.


CST Microwave Workshop

The next CST workshop will take place in London on the 26th of June. This all day event is free of charge


The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2007 Midland Viscount Nuffield Lecture

Morgan Sports Cars: Making a Successful Family Business, on  28 June 2007 at Austin Court , Birmingham , UK


Automotive EMC 2007: Navigating Automotive Compliance

Synopses are in for the conference and the preparation of the programme is currently underway.  Further details will be posted on the website during August for the conference on 16th October.





ESDA Releases Revised Standard for ESD Control Programs
The ESD Association (ESDA) has released a revised version of its standard covering the design and implementation of an ESD control program (ANSI/ESD S20/20-2007).  This article from Conformity covers the release in more detail;


CISPR 12 Released for EM Disturbances from Vehicle Mounted Electronics

CISPR 12 – Ed. 6.0 still entitled “Vehicles, boats, and internal combustion engines – Radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement of off-board receivers.”  Limited to an upper frequency of 1GHz still and over the same measurement distances and positions, it's difficult to see what exactly has changed since the 2001 release?


CISPR-16 Updates Released

With the release of CISPR/TR 16-4-1-am2 – Ed. 01 in April entitled “Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods – Part 4-1: Uncertainties, statistics, and limit modeling – Uncertainties in standardized EMC tests.  Available to purchase from the IEC;


EMC Test


Interference Technology 2007 EMC Directory and Design Guide

The US industry’s premier EMC publication, available in paper form for US readers and eGuide digital edition for everyone else.


Power Engineers Guide to EU EMC Directive

Available free to download and in PDF form, this guide from fluke looks at how the power engineer might approach recent changes to the EU EMC Directive.


Intertek Acquire ASTA-BEAB Certification Services

Consolidation continues apace with the acquisition of UK based ASTA-BEAB Certification Services by Intertek.  Intertek have been relatively aggressive in their acquisition campaign and now own brands such as SEMKO and ETL to name but a few and have a global workforce exceeding 17,000 employees. With such a global presence already well established the only question we could think of is “Who next?”





Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL): The Next Best Thing?

It's getting so common these days that the articles no longer even bother expanding the acronym.  Is HIL the next best ting or another passing fad that will have it's heyday then fade into the sunset?  This areticle in automotive design line clearly has a HIL bias, but gives a good background to the topic.


Active Safety Systems Lower the Value of Used Vehicles

This was the surprising headline from IVsource, however, as that's a pay-to-view channel it's not easy to determine if this is factual or not.  Certainly a EU study (available free using the link below) shows a general apathy towards safety systems beyond the "essential" and even here these are expected as standard fit (not extras).  Could this be a turning point for the less intuitive and to some extent unproven as safety features, such as lane departure warnings (some see this as being a method of continuing to drive when tired?).


42V Refusing to go Quietly

Is this the technology that never was still going around the houses?  It appears there are still some advocates of 42V out there, although systems installed appear to have stalled in 2002 and in some places retreated?  Those who are still wondering when this might happen can find an update in this Automotive Design Line article.





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