3C Test Ltd Gains Approval for Whole Vehicle Testing


From their new EMC testing facilities at Silverstone Circuit, Northants, 3C Test Limited are delighted to announce being granted VCA Technical Service status and UKAS accreditation for Whole Vehicle Testing.


The brand new 10m Semi Anechoic Chamber can accommodate large and heavy vehicles as well as standard passenger vehicles.  The chamber enables EMC testing to be carried out for both emissions and immunity, eliminating the need to move the vehicle, resulting in reduced set up times and therefore reduced costs.


3C Test has tested products for the automotive market for many years, utilising experienced EMC engineers with specific automotive expertise.  Committed to the automotive industry, 3C Test has recently invested £1.5m+ on a brand new EMC facility at the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone Circuit.


3C Test can offer whole vehicle EMC testing and subsystem EMC testing to the following specifications:


·         2004/104/EC as amended by 2005/83/EC and 2006/28/EC – motor vehicles and trailers

·         97/24/EC – Two and three wheeled vehicles

·         BS EN 13309 – Construction machinery

·         ISO 13766 – Earth moving machinery.

·         BS EN ISO 14982 – Agricultural and forestry machinery


The above specifications are in addition to 3C Test’s already comprehensive automotive and commercial testing capabilities.

VCA approval enables 3C Test to conduct unwitnessed EMC Testing to the latest Automotive Directive 2006/28/EC. 

3C Test’s 10m Chamber:


Dimensions:              18.2m (l) x 12.7m (w) x 8.1m (h)

Doors:                        4m x 4m

Turntable:                   4m Diameter

Floor Loading:            20 tonnes (5 tonne turntable)


3C Test is approved by UKAS for the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLRP) ensuring quality EMC testing for automotive component and subsystem.  AEMCLRP demonstrates compliance with the quality system and technical requirements of ISO 17025 and its own quality policies and procedures.  Accreditation has been gained through onsite assessment and demonstration of proficiency in EMC testing.


To book your vehicle testing, please contact us on +44 (0) 1327 857500, email sales@3ctest.co.uk or to find out more see our website   www.3ctest.co.uk.




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