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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Automotive EMC 2007: Navigating Automotive Compliance

Synopses are in for the conference and the preparation of the programme is currently underway. Further details will be posted on the website during August for the conference on 16th October.

Booking for the event is via the EMC UK 2007 site;


Tech Tour, Dearborn, MI

Tech Tour is a half-day seminar that provides a practical learning experience for engineers, designers and technicians. This Year's Theme is Making Efficient EMC Immunity and Emissions Measurements: The tips, tools and techniques to save time, money and frustration. Happening on Tuesday, 25 September 2007, check-in starts at 12:30 p.m. at the University of Michigan, Dearborn.


6th Annual Symposium – EMC Symposium 2007, Melbourne, Australia

From September 11–13 September 2007 EMC Society of Australia and IEEE EMC Society Victorian (Aust.) Chapter are holding their 6th Annual Symposium at the Metropole Hotel, Melbourne Australia. Anyone attending please send us a postcard (or even better a short write-up).


RIN Navigation Conference 2007 and 2008

Running from 30th October to 1st November 2007 at Church House, Westminster, London in the "Are We There Now?". At the same time the "Call for Papers" for the Orientation and Navigation conference in Reading, UK has also been issued. Details for both via the RIN website.


Asia-Pacific EMC Week and Technical Exhibition

The 1st Asia-Pacific Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and the 19th International Zurich Symposium and Technical Exhibition on EMC will be held jointly in Singapore from 19 to 23 May 2008 and has just issued the "Call For Papers", both websites have details.





First Equipment Certified for IEC 61000-3-2 Inter-Harmonics

Voltech are claiming their new PM6000 Multi-Phase Power Analyser is the first to gain independent certification for 'inter-harmonics' measurements to IEC61000-3-2.


TÜV Rheinland of North America Designated a CAB for the EU’s EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

TÜV Rheinland of North America has been recognized by the European Commission as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the new Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC. The company was given the designation under the U.S. – EU Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology.



EMC Test


York EMC Services Acquire GTL

Those exclusively in the Automotive field may recall York EMC Services (YES) from their report that produced the majority of the changes between 95/54/EC and 2004/104/EC, but they also run a successful test service. In fact so successful that they have now acquired additional faculties in Bristol to compliment their Castleford and Dunfermline sites (they are also celebrating 25 years of EMC short courses).


3C Test Gain Whole Vehicle Approval

Continuing their expansion since moving to Silverstone, 3C Test Ltd received approval from the VCA for Whole Vehicle testing this summer. They advise that this is not exclusive to the Ferrari and other exotica they had on display at their open day last September (see Issue 16) and apparently Damon Hill is not one of their Engineers, but this is clearly a significant accreditation for their facilities for automotive EMC testing to add to their ESA and OEM approvals status.


Development of CISPR-22

This interesting article in Conformity magazine highlights what is involved in the development of a major standard such as CISPR-22.





Cabin Electronics Counter Road Noise

This article in Automotive Design Line on the "In-Car Active Acoustic Tailoring" (ICAAT) system allows vehicle manufacturers to create an acoustic ambience (it used to be called noise cancellation). Given the penetration of in-car acoustic systems (including navigation and telephony) there could be new applications ready for this technology that in previous times was too costly to justify simply for music.;?articleID=57703010


The Impact of Software on EMC

Another one of our pet-topics, now sees print in Conformity magazine thanks to one of our own regular contributors.





Daimler Releases Chrysler

Probably the biggest news in the auto industry in August was the splitting of Chrysler in North America from the Daimler Chrysler group, the official press release;

What this means for the workers at the troubled US auto-maker is difficult to gauge, certainly German ownership of a UK brand (MG-Rover) ultimately also ended in disaster so lets hope for better Chrysler. However, it appears the first appointment of the CEO has been met with incredulity;


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