3C Test Ltd First On-Site Automotive EMC Seminar 


The first 3C Test Ltd seminar took place on 13th November at their Silverstone facility in Northamptonshire.  The seminar was presented by the Automotive EMC Networks own Martin O'Hara and covered design issue for meeting the automotive EMC requirements of both EU directive and vehicle manufacturer standards. 


The morning part of the seminar concentrated on techniques for PCB design and circuit techniques for the input-output stages of a automotive electronic sub-assembly (ESA), this included how to select components to optimise their EMC performance and how to design to meet high ESD and high field immunity requirements for the automotive standards, without incurring high product costs.  After lunch the design of circuits continued for a short while looking at issues surrounding drive and signals before discussions on what tests are employed and what severity levels the automotive vehicle makers apply.  


As well as the 1-day seminar, delegates were treated to a tour of the Silverstone Racetrack facilities, including the race control room, the BRDC members pavillion containing many trophies and models of almost every make and model of car to ever grace the circuit.  The tour included a short drive (in a mini bus unfortunately) around part of the International Circuit and a visit to the race training garage where the cars used for race-training and "experience" track days are maintained.  One of the highlights of the tour was the opportunity to stand on the winners podium, a place reserved usually for the best drivers in the world.


The tour of the Silverstone Circuit broke up the morning session, the afternoon session was punctuated by a tour of the impressive test facilties available at 3C Test Ltd for automotive testing, including their 10m chamber.  Delegates all received a CD with the seminar details and several support papers, plus a USB flash memory stick, mouse mat and contact details from 3C Test Ltd.


Feedback from the delegates suggested that not only did they get a good training day and come away with a better understanding of the necessary design techniques to meet EMC requirements of the automotive market, but most also stated that the tour of the Silverstone Circuit was "fun", so they not only gained some knowledge but enjoyed themselves at the same time!  



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