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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Tech Tour: EMC and Automotive Testing

On 24 April at the Regency Inn & Conference Centre, Westford, MA, USA.


SE Michigan EMC Society: EMC Fest '2008 

Practical EMC Measurements on 8 May 2008 at 46000 Summit Parkway, Canton, Michigan 48188 featuring industry renowned speaker Douglas C. Smith.


10th Annual Chicago EMC MiniSymposium

The Chicago Section IEEE EMC Society is pleased to announce the 10th annual EMC MiniSymposium on Tuesday 13th May 2008.


ASIA-Pacific EMC Week and Technical Exhibition

Being held in Singapore between 19th and 23rd May 2008.


Road Transport Information and Control 2008

IET conference between 20 - 22 May 2008 at the Manchester Conference Centre, UK.

More Automotive and EMC Events can be found listed on the websites events diary page;





Complying with the EMC Directive

Although a new release of any directive is followed by a spate of articles on it, the latest EU EMC directive seemed to enter the world relatively unhearalded (or maybe we were just sleeping that day).  This article by Keith Armstrong in Conformity magazine is a good catch-up with any changes.


ISO 10605: Still No Change

Despite being due for issuing last November, this Automotive ESD standard has still not been updated.  Wondering what might be coming?  We have managed to put on-line the paper that was presented at last years AutoEMC 2007 conference on the topic to give a heads-up as to what you might expect.  The paper is somewhat critical of some proposed changes, but the author did not at the time of writing the paper expect the standard FDIS to be modified, however, maybe they have taken on-board some of the criticisms and it will be a better standard for it?

Current ISO version in FDIS but not yet available to buy;



EMC Test


Lufthansa Build Own EMC Test Facility

This article from Interference Technology got us thinking, "What makes a company build their own EMC test facility?".

As you can probably imagine, an Aerospace EMC test laboratory is not a low cost option for an airline company.  You might expect this from Boeing or Airbus but Lufthansa?  Surely there is plenty of EMC test service providers in Europe, and especially in Germany, so why are Lufthansa investing €10M and building their own facility?  We speculate on why a company might decide to build or buy EMC services.





Zero-Emission Vehicles: California Air Rsource Board Ruling Released

The state of California’s Air Resources Board has told car manufacturers to start producing vehicles that can be plugged into public electric utilities. The board ruled that car makers must produce at least 58,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles for sale in California between 2012 and 2014.


Mahindra Announce Hybrid Diesel-Electric

The combination of a diesel engine and electric propulsion has always made sense from a European perspective, so why has it taken an Indian manufacturer to introduce the first commercially available model?


ESI GROUP Announces the New Version of PAM-CEM Solutions,Software for Computational Electromagnetics

PAM-CEM Solutions offer unique industrial coupling capabilities to handle realistic models and to access real electromagnetic multi scale phenomena.


New Buried Capacitance Technology

Not a great fan of buried capacitance, but for very high speed signals it has its place.  Oak-Mitsui's new Farad Flex appears to offer improved dielectric capability on FR4 base material.


Massive MEMS Growth Forecast

Some might say again!  It does appear that MEMS is getting close to reaching the critical mass to be considered as a "standard" component and automotive applications appear to be their natural playground.


Audi Ponder All-Electric Car

And with statements like "Without electronics, it never would have been possible to reduce fuel consumption to the level where we are today." it would appear the German maker is committed to an increasing content.  Good news for those of us in the business.;jsessionid=YBOMRXYJXW45KQSNDLSCKHA





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