AutoEMC Newsletter No.24: February 2009


These text only bulletins contain items of information sent to the Automotive EMC Network newsletter that may be out-of-date by its next issue, hence this short, text only, e-mail with hyperlinks to further information on the items mentioned.



Automotive and EMC Conferences


The on-line events calendar will hopefully have successfully been updated by the time you receive this, but some of the most imminent events are listed below;


Automotive Electronic Systems

9-12 February 2009, Munich, Germany


International Automotive Conference

10-12 February 2009, Sunderland, UK


Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition 2009

24 February 2009, International Media Centre, Silverstone Race Track


Greener Technologies for Meaner Motor Sports

25 February 2009, IET, 2 Savoy Place, London, UK


2009 DoD E3 (Electromagnetic Environmental Effects) Review

2-6  March 2009, Marriott New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana


Creating the Invisibility Cloak: New Horizons in Electromagnetism

12 March 2009, IET Savoy Place, UK

17 March 2009, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK





End of 95/54/EC

Did anyone notice it's passing in January?  That was the date by which all products on sale in Europe had to comply with the updated directive 2004/104/EC. In fairness there has been over 4 years for the market to convert the product.  If you haven't done so already check the standards and our test providers to see what can be done!


CISPR-25 Corrigendum

A 2-page correction 2 two of significant figures in the 2008 released edition 3.{ed3.0}b.pdf?file=cispr25-cor1{ed3.0}b.pdf



EMC Test


AR Europe Formed

Wondering what was going to happen after the not so amicable split with certain European test companies, well AR have now formed AR Europe to try and regain their market share.


ISO/IEC 17025: General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Interference Technology have published a comparison of the First and Second Editions of this well respected and often essential standard for test lab.  Use of the new international laboratory standard should assure greater consistency between laboratories, testing and calibration.





Freescale Cooperates with Dongfeng

Freescale Semiconductor and Dongfeng Motor Corporation plan to establish a joint automotive electronics design lab in China. The move aims at developing the electronic systems for next-generation vehicles for China's domestic market as well as for export markets. In this context, Freescale will lead the car manufacturer closer to the AUTOSAR software standard universe.


Software Techniques for Comprehensive EMC testing of Embedded Systems

We somehow missed this article last year on one of our favourite areas of EMC design, the impact of software.


AWR Acquires Simulation Technology and Applied Research, Inc. (STAAR)

Some money still around, developers of EDA tools for RF (AWR) purchase the microwave software developers of FEM tools for EM simulation (STAAR).


Some Light in the Auto Industry

You have to be quite an optimist to see the end of the current recession, especially in the automotive industry, but someone thinks there are chinks of light shining through?





As this is the first issue of 2009 Happy New Year, I hope the dreaded "Credit Crunch" is having a minimal impact on you and our best wishes to those whom it is severely effecting.


We must apologise for the delays that our internet pages have recently suffered with being updated.  Since the date on the website the pages have been updated twice but for some reason the uploads to the host appear not to have worked.  Hopefully by the time you receive this that error will have been corrected and 2009 dates are posted on most title pages.



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