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Automotive and EMC Conferences



On next week in Newbury, the annual EMC fest for the UK market is back with seminars and exhibitions a plenty.  If you’ve not been before a personal recommendation is the live experiments run by the IEEE EMC Society.


EMC Means More than Everyone Must Comply

The South Michigan IEEE EMC Society have organized another free seminar for all those registering before the event on 15th October.


Right Sound Your Product
On 15 December 2009, University of Warwick there is a
 joint EIS & Warwick IMRC seminar/workshop & exhibition.  Speakers include Jaguar-Land-Rover and Lotus in case you were wondering where the Automotive connection is.


FISITA Conference

The latest World Automotive Summit tackled that continuing issue of CO2 emissions.  More details are available via the on-line newsletter.


NAV09 Conferences

5-Conferences over 4-different venues in November.  However, the most important for our readers is probably the Land Nav event at the UK National Physical Laboratory on 19th November.


Analysis: Gloom vs. innovation in the automotive industry

There was clearly still a sense of gloom at Frankfurt Auto show, but it wasn’t all negative.





ISO/IEC 17025 - Should the international standard on laboratories be divided into separate standards?

This interesting question posed in ITEM by author Daniel D. Hoolihan, but if divided would this make any difference in application or assessment?  Is the singe standard too complex or just not well understood?


European Commission Releases New EMC Directive Quick Guide 

The European Commission has released a new “Quickguide” regarding the Directive 2004/108/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15th of December 2004 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility.



EMC Test


New Tool for Automotive Transient Testing

AR's TGAR is a transient generator test system for performing transient tests on automotive parts and components.  Always nice to see transient testing still getting some attention.


India Unveils First Automotive EMC Testing Lab

ETS Lindgren have completed a large Automotive test facility for the Indian Governments Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VDRE), the first in India, but unlikely to be the last we feel.


New Test Facility for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Drive Train

In 2009 Mooser GmbH has expanded its service portfolio towards EMC testing on Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell drive train components for the automotive segment.


New EMC Test Equipment and Solutions Company

In the current economic climate it is interesting to be able to write about at least one new company set-up in the UK that clearly sees a bright future in the EMC market.  Frequensys were set up earlier in 2009 by Simon Young, a personality well known to the UK EMC community and a speaker at previous AutoEMC conferences.


EMC test aims for Safer Cars

The technique, known as Feature Selective Validation (FSV), was developed by researchers at De Montfort University.






Autosar Standards Open the Door to Auto Design Optimization

Are we there yet?  It feels like Autosar has been coming for some time, but it looks like it is certainly starting to make inroads into mainstream tools and applications.  This article from Mentor in Automotive Design Line seems to be suggesting the Europeans are moving towards adoption.


Other Testing for the Automotive Electronics

I’m not sure if this is news to anyone who reads this bulletin, but there are many other electrical tests that are performed besides EMC (in fact EMC is not mentioned in this article).  Still nice to know EMC is not the only obstacle to compliance, basic functionality will always come first.;jsessionid=WJJSOVUTQP3YLQE1GHPCKH4ATMY32JVN?pgno=1






Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering is a completely revised, expanded, and updated version of Henry Ott's popular book Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems.  Just over 20 years in the revising but hopefully worth the wait!


Good News At Last

Agreement will bring Mitsubishi EV to Europe

Two new Minis to be built in UK






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