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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition

Run by the Engineering Integrity Society, on Tuesday 23 February 2010, Jimmy Brown Centre, Silverstone Race Track.


EMV 2010

This year it’s Düsseldorf’s turn from 9th to 11th March, at Düsseldorf Congress - CCD Stadthalle, Düsseldorf, Germany


International Conference on Advanced Automotive Electronics Technology

Alongside Electronica and Productronia China, from 16-18th March at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), PRC.


2010 Asia Pacific EMC Symposium

12-16 April, 2010, Beijing, China


EU Auto EMC Regulations

5 May 2010, University of York, York, England


Introduction to EMC

ERA are running this course for newcomers to EMC on 25 February 2010 at their Cobham Technical Centre, Leatherhead, UK.



Paper submission deadline for this event passed on 10 January, so in case we forget the next deadline it might be worth tagging?  After all it’s in Florida in July, need a tan, then here’s your excuse.





Third Edition of CISPR 16 part 1-1

The first 16 pages (mainly index and some definitions) is available in PDF to review, for more you’ll have to buy the whole thing from the IEC, available on-line.


IEC 61000-4-4-Amendment

The new IEC 61000-4-4-Amendment 1 outlines electromagnetic compatibility testing and measurement techniques for electrical fast transient/burst immunity. Again available for a fee via the IEC website.


Automotive EMC Directive - which standards?

This is a question that has arisen on the Interference Technology forum site.  I’m sure some of our readers can help with this?[action]=list_post&tx_mmforum_pi1[tid]=210



EMC Test


Reverberation Chamber for EMC Testing

The reverberation chamber provides the most realistic simulation/equivalency for electronics functioning within a cavity.


Agency Probes Gas Pedals' Link to EMI

Surely not?  Toyota do have one of the most stringent EMC standards, although exceptionally difficult to obtain and hence sometime not always up to date with all suppliers.  Also once “in” with Toyota sometimes these things can be missed.  Personally we doubt this is an EMC issue and believe it is more a mechanical problem, but then we would say that!





Market Conditions for Passive Components

These 2 article from TTI’s on-line market analysis show that the passive market is suffering the same way the general IC market is.  Although allocation does not yet seem to be rearing its ugly head (for passives at least), longer lead times and potential shortages of capacitors in particular could become a significant issue for the EMC of new designs going into any recovery that might appear in the coming year.


The Challenges of the Connected Car

This EE Times article may completely miss the point, why would you want all the world in your car, is there no safe haven these days from connectivity? Surely once it is onto your mobile phone then this is the primary portal to any/all other interconnected systems, hence a connection to the car need only be vehicle-to-phone, but wait, that already exists in Bluetooth?  After all you can’t be expected to read while driving, so an audio feed is much better and Bluetooth is easily able to handle this data without modification, hence the translation can remain on the mobile phone where updating and replacement are easy and (relatively speaking) low cost.


Connected Ford redefines 'the driving experience'

And then Ford jump on the connected bandwagon at the Consumer Electronics Show?  How about some customer focus.  As one responder puts it; “Where’s the autopilot?”  If you really don’t want to drive, but want to talk, browse and do other things, simply take public transport or a taxi?  It’s probably cheaper as well as safer.


Toyota Recall Highlights Lapses in Addressing Auto Safety

Well we couldn’t miss an opportunity to mention the big Toyota story of the start of the decade (again).  If this can happen to the largest car maker, how on earth have the rest of them been getting by?  Is this an issue that could become endemic with shared platforms and common components?  Or is the issue somewhat “overblown” by the media?  Whatever the case it has certainly brought the auto industry and the electronics and software content of cars to the fore in the public perception, unfortunately for the wrong reasons.


One Million Test Miles for Plug-in Vehicle

Could this really, finally, be the decade of the electric car?  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through its Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) at Idaho National Laboratory, has completed 1 million miles of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) testing.


Vector and TTTech Automotive join forces for Electronic Control Units

Leveraging AutoSAR and module experience these two UK companies are offering optimised rapid development for ECU’s.


Auto IC market to grow 13.5% in 2010, says Gartner

Any growth has to be a good thing, but who out there believes this will happen in 2010?  What will lead times extending to over 26 weeks, investments at an all time low and talk of allocations in the semiconductor industries, how is this growth going to be fuelled?





Spyker Cars of Holland Buy Saab

Although Spyker may be the most open about their offer, press from GM suggests they may not have been the only name in the frame.  Although Koenigsegg Group AB pulled out (this would have maintained the Swedish brand wholly in Sweden), who else might have the finances in the current economic climate is near impossible to guess.  In what has been a tough 2009 from everyone in the Auto Industry, GM more than most it would seem, but Saab employees and loyal fans may be the biggest losers of the New Year (let’s hope not).


In Compliance Magazine Goes Digital

At some point in the last 12 months the magazine In Compliance went digital and as such is available free to all in its digital format.


Interference Technology Introduce Environmental Test & Design

As a adjunct to the usual EMC, this new journal covers all those other environmental tests (HASS, HALT, acoustics, eco-design etc.) that are likely to be allied to the automotive and EMC arena,  Although neither exclusive to the automotive world or to these interested in EMC, it is good to see new developments in the media world, especially after the demise of Conformity last year.


Signs of hope in Detroit

No matter where you are in the globe, any signs of hope in Detroit should signal better times everywhere for the auto industry





Apologies for the space between the last 2 issues, we’ve been suffering some loss of contributors and the usual mis-firing of IT that seems to occur around the start of the year.  Welcome back to all our regular subscriber and lets hope 2010 is a better year.  We notice a significant fall in readership over 2009, losing some 15% of the e-mail subscribers over the year.  We hope all those left have a successful 2010.


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