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Automotive and EMC Conferences


2011 IEEE EMC Symposia

It must be that time of year again?  If you failed to get to Hawaii a few years back, Long Beach is possibly the next best alternative.  The annual IEEE symposium, arguably the largest EMC event in the world (argued by EMV in Germany I expect) is back again from 14th to 19th August.  Yes the hottest month of the year in the middle of the holiday season in one of the most picturesque beach resorts in the US.  Let’s all congregate in a hotel then!


33rd Annual EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits

If you simply can’t get enough of the West Coast here’s another excuse to visit, from 11th to 16th September 2011 at the  Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, USA a very focussed event on ESD and related aspects.


Antenna Systems 2011

Perhaps a little more specialised that other events listed here, but to those in the business possibly one of the more focussed events.  The focus here is definitely mobile phone antenna technology, so maybe not high field strength test arena but still in the modern automobile this type of antenna is going to be utilised more and more.  From 20th to 21st September in Nashville, Tennessee, a place more familiar with country music lovers.


Reverberation Chamber Theory / Experiment Short Course

19- 23 September 2011, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, USA


The 16th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference (APAC 16)

Will be held for the first time in India from 6th to 8th October 2011 at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.  As one might expect, green issues will dominate, but no doubt there will still be some content for the petrol heads in the crowds.


EMC UK 2011

The annual UK EMC conference and exhibition returns again to Newbury from 11th to 12th October 2011.


Call for Papers: 2012 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

From 21st to 24th May 2012 in Singapore, call open until early December for abstracts, October for tutorials and workshops.


Call for Papers: EMC Europe 2012

You’ve got until February next year, but if you’d like a September 2012 break in Rome, get those abstracts in early.





Indian Cars to Comply with EMC Standards from 2011

This year saw the introduction of a national EMC standard for automotives in India.  This article in India Infoline explains the reasons but is a bit short n which standards are being applied?  The country’s Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) EMC standards published in 2009 are derived from the usual ISO standards, but we have not been able to obtain a copy to check the limit levels etc.


1597.2-2010 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Validation of Computational Electromagnetics Computer Modeling and Simulations

Admittedly not the catchiest of titles, but at last a standard for electromagnetic modelling validation, something to give a bit of confidence in the results these computer programmes kick out.  In the past it has been difficult to compare programs as their output was often very different, hopefully this will start to improve consistency.


The Effects of the New ESD Standard on ESD Simulators

You could easily be forgiven for thinking the update to IEC 61000-4-2 Edition 2 might have no impact on your current test equipment, but have you really read the detail in the standard, which becomes the mandatory version from next March?


The FCC Launch New Website

The old one looked OK to us, but the new one can be tested for the rest of 2011, before going live in 2012, at the link below.



EMC Test


ETS-Lindgren Acquires EMV GmbH

Yes we know this happened some time ago (March to be precise) but we have only just realised that this is a combination of 2 of our favourite companies in the EMC equipment supply world.  Is this a one-off or is the AR train of consolidation in the test world starting to impact other players?


Antenna Selection for Automotive EMC Emissions and Immunity Applications (100 kHz to 18 GHz)

Yes there are difference between the antenna used for standard commercial and automotive tests, sometimes not always that obvious, but if nothing else the differences in measurement distance can mean the need for different antenna factors.  This article by Dr. Vicente Rodriguez gives more details on how to go about choosing the right antenna.


Measurement Uncertainty for Conducted and Radiated Emissions

Another oft-overlooked area, why do we often assume results as absolute?  An interesting article on this sometimes complex topic, but certainly one that can be understood and better still constrained.


New EMC Test System for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Drives

The systems required to test these sorts of vehicles are already understood and can be constructed today.


Automotive EMC Case Study: HMI Graphics Influence on Radiated Emissions

With more graphics technology in the cock-pit of cars it is perhaps no surprise that such a topic would surface.  In-Compliance covered this earlier this year based on last year’s IEEE Symposium, so if like us your still catching up take a look.


Wyle Builds New Test Chamber

Wyle ‘s Huntsville, Ala. operations have  been recently updated with the construction of a new drive-in environmental test chamber designed to operate over a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.  Types of test articles that Wyle can support in the chamber include Humvees, satellites, automobiles, energy equipment, bulldozers, missiles, and other military and commercial vehicles.





EMC Performance of a Product Over Its Lifetime

This is an area that is often over-looked and rarely considered in most standards, but should have a higher prominence.  I recall at an AutoEMC conference a paper by 3C Test Ltd some years ago on a similar subject directly related to vehicles and after 10+ years the electrical performance as well as EMC performance was certainly negatively impacted.  This Interference Technology article is definitely thought provoking.


Chevy Disguise AM/FM Radio in Spoiler

You’d think GM would have enough EMC and radio experience to design their own antenna, but apparently they used 2 radio ham’s for this?  Or are these radio ham’s also their antenna experts?  This article makes it sound like they went outside the company, but I bet these guys are internal staffers, after all, you can be both radio ham and an EMC expert, it’s how many in this industry got involved.  What this article does illustrate is how radio proliferation is starting to impact vehicle and body design.  As radio content in the car increases this situation of multiple receiver/transmitters is only going to get worse.


University Working to Reduce EMI in Electric Cars

Article from Interference Technology on collaboration between Youngstown State University and Delphi Automotive to examine the EMC implications of all electric vehicles.

And if that isn’t enough there is even an article about the EMC of electric cars in the on-line Interference Technology guide;


Milton Keynes, UK Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Posts

We had to include this item from Interference Technology as its from “where we live” and we know most of the people in the company that run this from our past working life cross-over.


Valeo Inaugurates two New Sites in China

Yes there are Automotive Design vacancies out there, especially if you live (or are prepared to move to) China.  Valeo is the latest company to open 2 major design centres in the growing Chinese economy to serve local production I guess.


EMC Design Series On-Line

Care of Automotive Designline and EE Times, this series of articles provides one of the best groundings in electronic design for EMC available for free.  Daryl Gerke has put together a series of articles covering the basics and some of the critical areas that electronic designers need to consider when designing to meet EMC requirements.





U.S. Tests Find No Toyota Flaw in Electronics

Remember all the fuss over the Toyota accelerator issue?  No?  Well there were a few in the EMC industry keen to point a finger and try to blame the EMC testing and the standards, despite a lack of evidence, but few came forward to apologise afterwards.  The AutoEMC website were always keen to support the “innocent until proven guilty” position of the electronics and this has proven to be the correct approach.  The item however soon falls from the news so if you missed the clearing of the electronics as a culpable suspect here is the outcome from AutoWeek in February of this year.





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