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Automotive EMC 2003 Conference, 6th November 2003


One of the papers in the provisional agenda failed to be delivered and a substitute paper on "The EMC Implications of 42V Powernet" has been provided to maintain the conference content at 14 papers. The final agenda is now available;          LINK EXPIRED


The discount rate for qualifying delegates ended on 1st October, the rate is now a flat fee for all new registrants of 100 (US$160/160euro).

Booking forms are available on-line;         LINK EXPIRED


The exhibition is now fully booked, a plan of the layout of the exhibition and list of exhibitors is available.        LINK EXPIRED


The proceedings are now compiled and include a copy of all papers and a copy of all presentations in PDF format on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM of the proceedings also includes exhibitor details and links, speaker biographies and a HTML based index to make the information easier to access. There will be a "prize" ticket in one of the conference delegates proceedings to win an antique journal; a September 1926 "Automobile Electricity".





A report discussing the changes that were made to CISPR-25 in 2002 has been posted. This examines the differences between the 1995 first edition and the 2002 second edition and discusses the impact of the changes.


Next issue we are going to divert from looking at standards to examine training for both the EMC and automotive industries. If you know of any training courses, conferences, seminars etc. in the field please let us know and we will investigate.



Automotive EMC Test Facilities


The EMC test service providers appear to be expanding their services to include training. TUV Product Services are providing a new course titled "Principles of EMC Design & Test", being held on the 12th November 2003 over 2 days. The course will "provide delegates with this essential information and knowledge. Reinforced by the use of demonstrations, worked examples and case studies, this training course has been written with the manufacturer or system integrator in mind." For more information email or visit;                              LINK EXPIRED


The UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have issued a user guide on theuse of GTEM cells. This was available to download free from their website but you may need to contact NPL to request access to it now. Recommended to anyone using GTEM cells for pre-compliance testing.



Automotive Design Consultancies


High Voltage Automotive Power Supply Seminar: run by Hitex and to be held at Bath University on 30th October. Those interested in the prospect of 42V Powernet may wish to check out the details;                        LINK EXPIRED

"Within the automotive sector a new 42V power supply standard is now emerging with the first vehicles due to reach the marketplace in 2005. In order to discuss the implications of this new standard, a series of one day seminars has been organised. The first of these seminars will take place at Bath University on 30 October 2003. This is an important issue for not only the automotive industry and its suppliers but other industries such as marine and industrial automation which often utilise automotive technology."


Those in the Cambridge area of the UK should check out the "Cartronics" one-day seminar organised by the Cambridge IEE branch. At 75 this represents very good value for such a seminar and has a good balance of topics.     LINK EXPIRED


The above Hitex seminar and the appearance of the paper on 42V Powernet at the Automotive EMC Conference has made the wonder when this new voltage power network is likely to come on-stream. The 42V Powernet has been promised as "the next big thing" since the MIT/industry consortium was formed, around 1995, yet still there seems to be little progress to producing a complete 42V vehicle? Would any reader like to write an article for the newsletter on the issue or predict the likelihood or date of 42V Powernet becoming a production system?





There have been few additions to the papers pages over the last few months, but we have received an excellent paper, presented at the IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Istanbul in May of this year.  The paper "Double Bulk Current Injection: A New Harness Setup to Correlate Immunity Test Methods" gives a significant insight into the reasons for three different radiated immunity test methods; BCI, Stripline and Free-Field, failing to correlate and provides a test method to emulate each technique.


The main input has been to place links to relevant articles in trade journals that have an on-line listing or archive. If you know of any further articles please let us know by return e-mail.


The papers section is still proving to be one of the most visited pages on the website. If you have any automotive EMC or automotive electrical design papers or articles, those previously published as well as unpublished works, that you own copyright of, if you want them to get to a wider audience the is proving to be a popular site for this type of technical information (often difficult to otherwise obtain). All we require is the paper in either WORD or PDF format with your permission in an accompanying e-mail. Send papers and permission by reply to this newsletter or to





Although the current market seems still depressed, according to a report the Automotive EMC network were made aware of last week, the future looks rosy. If the prices that these market reports cost are affordable then we guess that someone out there has plenty of cash to spend. The report in question is titled "Automotive Electronics A Profile of International Markets and Suppliers to 2007" and can be checked out at the URL below for those with deep pockets.            LINK EXPIRED

Related reports are also available from the same source and give some indication of the prices charged for this type of "off-the-shelf" intelligence;

World OEM Automotive Electronics $4900

The Worldwide Market for OEM Automotive Electronics -- 2003 Edition - $4950 .

The OEM and Aftermarket for 12 Volt Electronics : A Strategic Market Intelligence Program $3950


Next issue will be the final issue for the first year of the Automotive EMC network. The issue will include details on the website activities (including the web statistics), how we expect the site to progress and how you can contribute. The sponsorship of pages will also be available for anyone wishing to help fund the on-line service, details are already available via the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the site.


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