AutoEMC Newsletter No. 4: December 2003


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Automotive EMC 2003 Conference


The conference was held on the 6th of November and an independent review is available;

Delegate feedback is also available to view in a summarised format and the organiser has responded to comments provided on the delegate questionnaire forms.

The conference was a great success, but then we would say that, however OEM representation was disappointing, only 3 were directly represented by delegates; Ford, MG-Rover and Nissan.

The conference proceedings on CD-ROM are available to purchase at 25+VAT now the event is over.  The order form is available via the conference link;

The best paper at the conference, as voted by the delegates, was won by Peter Hartnett of Transparent Engineering, a UK based Automotive Electronics Design Consultancy.  The paper "EMC - Who's Job Is It Anyway?" considered how to achieve EMC compliance at low cost without over-engineering products.  This paper is now available in the papers section for those who were unable to make the conference.  The presentation of the best paper prize (a 1931 copy of "Automobile Electricity") and a certificate will be awarded to Mr Hartnett in January at a public seminar he is providing for the IMechE Automotive Division, "Vehicle 42 Volt Electrical Systems", details are on the events calendar.


Next year the plan is to have the conference ("Automotive EMC 2004", originality is not our strong point) alongside the EMC UK 2004 event being organised by Nutwood Ltd, the publishers of "EMC and Compliance Journal", at Newbury Racecourse.  Details are still sketchy at the moment but you can keep up-to-date with the progress of the EMC UK 2004 conference and exhibition at their information site;

Having the event alongside a larger more generic EMC conference and exhibition should help attract more delegates and the Automotive EMC network will be able to leverage a higher profile via the combined advertising of the whole event.





Ford have updated their well respected and well circulated EMC standard.  The document can be downloaded directly from the Ford site of follow the link via our standards pages.

We would be very interested in receiving a review of the changes to the Ford specification from its previous issue for our next newsletter.  Please get in touch if you would like to provide us with a review of the changes, the review can be named or anonymous.


The standpoint of the Australian Standards Authority (ACA) on Automotive EMC standards in Australia were questioned by the, and specifically they were asked about their position on European "e"-marked product.  Their answer was so comprehensive that we have decided to publish it on the site;


Although we have had little feedback on the item on OEM standards published in Issue 2 of the newsletter, we do still get requests for OEM standards and even SAE standards from site visitors.  If you missed the article it can be found at the link below and is still as relevant as it was in June this year.  Feedback is still welcome but we can not supply any of the standards themselves (at the moment at least).



EMC Test


No news as the year comes to a close from our EMC Test services.





The design of short range radar (SRR) for collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control is currently being considered for an ETSI standards by the European Communications Committee (ECC).  A press release on this issue has been published after a presentation at the Radio Solutions show in Sophia, France this October.        LINK EXPIRED





The papers section is still proving to be one of the most visited pages on the website. If you have any automotive EMC or automotive electrical design papers or articles, those previously published as well as unpublished works, that you own copyright of, if you want them to get to a wider audience the is proving to be a popular site for this type of technical information (often difficult to otherwise obtain). All we require is the paper in either WORD or PDF format with your permission in an accompanying e-mail. Send papers and permission by reply to this newsletter or to





Website is being revamped, some subscribers who visit the site regularly may have already noticed some minor changes.  The top page frame is to be redesigned and the number of links reduced, the main page listings are to be reformatted and simplified.  We would like a new design for the top frame background but are short of ideas, all input is welcome.


The site will remain mainly text based to keep the speed reasonable for those using a dial-up connection, we hope to maintain the sites' overall simplicity in all future revisions.  The website is an information portal not an entertainment site and fast linking and page loading will always be one of our primary goals.


One major addition we will hopefully be placing on the site in the new year is a discussion forum.  Anyone who is interested in airing views on the world of Automotive EMC is welcome to contribute.  We will probably announce the launch of this feature in our first newsletter of 2004



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