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As 2003 comes to a close, we have decided to provide a summary review of the activity seen on the website and ask for sponsorship for 2004 from any interested parties (see bottom of this page). Website Statistics

The Automotive EMC network website ( was registered in March 2003 and officially launched in April.  The weblogs from the site have been collected since the last week in May.  The enclosed summary is from the completed daily statistics for June to November 2003 inclusive.  This 6 month period is considered a reasonable reflection of the site growth and usage and has been used to predict the likely hit rate for 2004.

Quick Look 2003 Statistics:

Average Daily Hit Rate: 163

Lowest Daily Hit Rate: 7 (on Sun 28-Jun-03)

Highest Daily Hit Rate: 654 (on Tue 14-Oct-03)

Total Hits: 29912

Total Hits by Page



















The “Conference” page hits have dropped off now the event is concluded and there is little to download from these pages.  The “Papers” and “Standards” pages have been the biggest success of the site and this has delighted the team as this is the information the site was originally founded to provide.

The “Other” category does have 2 distinct pages which feature highly, one is the “Links” page which may be used as the reference page to some of the other page categories, the other is the “Newsletter” page.  Although not shown in the data, there are significant hit surges after each newsletter release and the older newsletters are also frequently visited.

Geographic Distribution

Not easy to illustrate due to the nature of the statistics and the volume involved, but the time distribution data we receive suggests that 50% of our visitors are based in Europe, 35% in North America and 15% in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australasia).

Note: these statistics include the weekend hit rate that is typically less than 10% of the weekly hit rate.



Page sponsorship has just two rates for 12 months (1-Jan-04 to 31-Dec-04) with the sponsor having there name and a hyperlink to their website in the title frame of their sponsored page(s).  The "Technical Papers" and "Automotive EMC Standards" pages are twice the price of the other pages due to their significantly higher hit rate and higher cost of maintenance (generally require more updates and occupy more web space).  Sponsorship covers the cost of running and maintaining the site as active pages only, it does not cover the cost of producing and uploading the site, that is done by the team of volunteers.


Page Title Predicted Hits 2004  Sponsorship Cost
Technical Papers 12000 £20 €50 $50
Automotive EMC Standards 6000 £20 €50 $50
Design Services 2500 £10 €35 $35
Test Services 2500 £10 €35 $35
Equipment Suppliers 1250 £10 €35 $35
Link Pages 2500 £10 €35 $35

Sponsorship is available on a first-come first-served basis, if interested please send an e-mail to specifying the page you wish to sponsor and payment method (cheque or BACS only).  It will be those who can pay soonest that get the pages they wish!  

Web Page Sponsorship Form

Note: Apologies to any potential non-UK sponsors, the cost of sponsorship is higher as we bank in the UK and there is a currency transfer cost associated with foreign money orders, hence we have to charge slightly more to cover this cost. The forms only have the UK prices, please amend as appropriate.


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