IEEE 2004 Automotive EMC Event


Ford Events and Conference Center, Dearborn, MI, 3-4 February 2004


This event, organised by the South Michigan IEEE EMC Society, had a high attendance of over 150 delegates from various automotive OEM's, tiered suppliers and test service providers.


Although the second day of this event did cover some of the international automotive EMC standards, the event was primarily aimed at the recent revisions of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) EMC standards for ground vehicles (J551) and automotive components (J1113).  This is one of the few (if not the only) events of its sort to look at these SAE EMC standards in such detail and as these standard have been revised and re-issued this year was a very timely event reflected in the high attendance figure.  Copies of the newly release SAE EMC Manual were available to purchase at the event.


The morning of the second day examined test laboratory accreditation, including ISO 17025, AEMCLRP and examples of laboratory assessments and a look at NARTE examination for EMC professionals.  The afternoon of the final day looked at what is happening in the OEM standards with presentations from Ford, General Motors (GM) and Daimler-Chrysler (DC) on their EMC specifications and a presentation discussing the on-going considerations for OEM harmonisation of their EMC standards.


The most interesting presentation from an objective standpoint is undoubtedly the OEM standards harmonisation.  This process has been on-going since 2001 and although all the main three OEM's involved have up-issued their standards since the start of this process, none seem to be getting much closer together.  The drive to commonality of test methods should be a relatively easy goal to pursue and certainly some movement may be observed in recent editions of Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AC, GMW Rev. 4 and DC-10614 rev. A.  However, commonality of test limits would appear to be still a "far off" goal and even harmonisation of documentation does not seem to be close.  Despite this it is a laudable effort by these OEM's that should be applauded and encourage the automotive supply chain, both the component suppliers and test services, that eventually there may be a single global automotive EMC standard.  


Note: review is based on proceedings presentations viewed after the event.  The author of this review was not in attendance and compiled this report at the request of the Automotive EMC network. 2004                                                           TOP OF PAGE                                                                 HOME