New EMC Issues in Design: Techniques, Tools and Components


IEE Seminar, 28th April 2004, Qinetiq, Farnborough


Held at Qinetiq Farnborough on Wednesday 28 April 2004. Yours truly got the proceedings under way with a ‘best practice’ paper on the joys of integrating radio modules into microprocessor based products: the only paper that didn’t have anything ‘new’ to say. Nevertheless I was reassured that it was new to some. Keith Armstrong’s comments about using ‘waveguide below cut-off’ techniques to improve shielding effectiveness of PCB cans caught my attention in his paper ‘GHz shielding at PCB level’. Something new for me to try in my next design for sure.


James Muccoili and David Anthony presented the advantages of using their X2Y technology for power-supply decoupling. Despite their obvious bias the paper was interesting and pertinent. Then your truly again on PCB power planes. I caused a bit of a stir questioning the wisdom that is currently preached as best practice. More on this topic in the up coming Automotive EMC 2004 conference.


After lunch an interesting tour around Qinteq’s EMC facilities. Then onto the second session on EMC-CAD with Bill Hargin only just making it from Heathrow to the seminar in time to make his presentation.


In summary this was a useful seminar although it could have been better attended. The only downside, speaking as a presenter, was having to pay to preach, oh and the motorway traffic on my way home.


Tim Jarvis


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