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Automotive and EMC Conferences


Automotive EMC 2004 Conference

The programme for the Automotive EMC 2004 conference is now available on the website.  Once again we have a very high calibre of papers from some of the leading lights in the Automotive EMC field and believe this years conference will be as successful as last years.  Delegate bookings are now being taken for this event.


The conference organiser is putting together an e-mail distribution list for interested parties who would like to receive regular updates on the conference progression.  This will of course include all registered delegates (bookings can now be made via the on-line registration form) and authors, but those still uncertain about registering as a delegate can still receive these updates, expected approximately monthly.  Send an e-mail with the subject title "CONFERENCE" to


Increased Cost of Automotive EMC 2003 Proceedings

As predicted in previous newsletters, we have had to increase the price of the CD-ROM proceedings for the Automotive EMC 2003 conference now the overprints have been exhausted.  The increase has not been as great as we at first expected and we have been able to keep the price to 40 (approximately 60 or $70).  Delegates to the Automotive EMC 2004 Conference can still get them at the price of 25 when ordering with their delegate booking and collected at the conference.  Orders placed before the end of June on the old order form (no longer available) will still be honoured.


IEEE US Automotive EMC Conference

The IEEE EMC society held an Automotive EMC event at the Ford Conference and Event centre in Michigan in February 2004.  A review of the presentations has been written by the newsletter editor.


The Importance of Location

A 1-day conference run by the Royal Institute of Navigation had a solidly automotive (land transport) bias to the day with papers covering many aspects of location technology and services.  A short review provided by one of the delegates makes interesting reading.


New EMC Issues in Design: Techniques, Tools and Components

A short review of this IEE Seminar held on 28th April 2004 at Qinetiq in Farnborough has been provided by Tim Jarvis, one of the presenters at the event.


York EMC 2004 

Those interested in more generalist EMC conferences should be aware that the York EMC 2004 conference and exhibition will by running on 1st and 2nd July this year at York Racecourse.  Last years event (reviewed in Newsletter No. 2) had an excellent programme for newcomers to EMC and they are equally well catered for this year.  More experienced EMC professionals should also be interested in the open EMC programme, including 2 sessions on Railway EMC, available at the URL below;

There will be a review of this conference in the next newsletter.


EMC Zurich 2005

Call for papers has been issued for this conference, deadline for synopses is 2nd July 2004.


2005 SAE World Congress

Another 2005 conference with a close deadline of 1st June 2004 for paper proposals.





European Automotive EMC Directive 95/54/EC

We have had another coup since the last newsletter, thanks to our friends at the EMC & Compliance Journal, we have a PDF copy of the full EU Automotive EMC directive 95/54/EC.  This includes all the images and tables missing from the text only version available on the Eurolex website.  The PDF is smaller than the draft update at only 670kB.


Draft Update of EU Automotive EMC Directive

As expected we had a massive download of the draft replacement European Automotive EMC directive after the last newsletter.  Over 1000 hits were received the day after the newsletter was released, most of these hitting the standards and technical papers sections of the site.  Since then we have received a further update (dated April 2004), changes are minor but if you want the most up-to-date draft version of the next EU Automotive EMC directive then the PDF (2.2MB) can be downloaded via the same pages as before (both the Technical Papers and Standards pages) or via the following link;     LINK EXPIRED


Even more exciting is the Committee for Adaptation to Technical Progress (CATP) agreement for this directive with only a few amendments.  This happened on 10th May 2004 and the following note lists the amendments required to the above draft before drawing up into all member state languages (even more for the enlarged EU) and issuing.  It is expected to become law in approximately 2 months from the meeting, before the next newsletter at least.


The UK Department of Transport have also kindly provided the site with a short 11-point bullet list of the major changes from 95/54/EC to the new EU Automotive Directive.  No doubt this will form the basis of a more detailed guide, similar to their original and well considered guidelines to the existing 95/54/EC directive.


CISPR-25: 2002 (Second Edition)

There were some minor errors in the 2nd edition of CISPR-25 released in 2002 (review of changes to 2nd edition provided in Newsletter No. 3).  The IEC have issued a CORRIGENDUM (Latin: an error in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet) but their website appears to reject some download access to this free-to-view PDF document.  As the document is only relevant to those who have purchased a full copy of CISPR-25: 2002, the IEC have provided us with the PDF (73kB) to make available to those experiencing difficulties with the IEC site.{ed2.0}b.pdf



EMC Test


TRL Compliance Services and Schaffner are providing a free half-day Compliance Update Seminar at the Watford Moat House Hotel on 17th June.  Spaces are limited so booking might be advisable.     LINK EXPIRED


European Thematic Network of Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratories

Something that the Automotive EMC network became aware of last year at York EMC 2003, but have only just provided a link on our site under the General EMC Test Services page.  This group may be of interest to European test service providers, although no Automotive laboratories are listed to the best of our knowledge.





Chassis Integration Key to Safety Improvements 

Electronic stability control (ESC) systems provide huge safety benefits, but the U.S. consumer needs to know that, said Wolfgang Ziebart, Deputy Chairman of Continental AG's Executive Board, who gave the Active Safety keynote address in the AVL Technology Theater at the SAE 2004 World Congress. ESC's performance has improved greatly since its introduction nearly a decade ago, he added, but further integration with other vehicle systems will provide even better safety and performance benefits.  (From SAE World Congress 2004.)


What Colour is Your Car?

Although not directly relevant to the electrical interests of the site, this compilation of reports from BASF, DuPont and PPG on the colour choice for new cars is a fascinating piece of information that we just couldn't resist placing on the site.


Lighting the Way 

A recent visit to Hella Manufacturing organised by the Oxfordshire branch of the IEE provided an interesting insight into recent developments in automotive luminaires.


ISO 9000: Still A Valid Standard?

A recent article in AutoWired controversially dismisses ISO 9000 as an irrelevance in today's automakers world?  We've included the synopsis of the argument due to its overtly confrontational message given the drive for global quality standards within and outside of the automotive industry.  Is QS 9000 similarly a "dead-duck"?


High-Speed Digital Engineering Week 2004, University of Oxford 

Quite a high content on EMC design during this week of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at Oxford University.  Courses taken need not be for the whole week of 21st-25th June.  See link below for details and prices.      LINK EXPIRED





A review of the Automotive EMC papers at last years IEEE Symposium in Boston featured in the January edition of Test and Measurement World.  There were approximately 5 Automotive related papers at this conference, spread over the various sessions, although this review only covers 3 of these papers.

One of the non-reviewed papers is now available via the IEEE Conferences page.


We also have 3 additional automotive EMC simulation papers from ESI France presented at various conferences, linked via the EMC Conferences page.


The papers section now includes the EU directive 95/54/EC and the draft update.  If you are aware of papers or articles posted elsewhere, not linked by our pages, please send the URL to


We have seen a large increase in our own download traffic and increased the website bandwidth in March to cope.  If you have a paper or article on automotive design and/or EMC then please consider letting our site host your work and expose it to a wide audience of interested professionals.  To have your work listed please provide either the original in PDF or WORD format or the URL of your own host site via e-mail to





The website has been expanded to accommodate the increased traffic we are experiencing, especially with the EU directive document downloads we have been providing.  We now have 4 times the bandwidth and site space compared to last year.


SPAM continues to be a problem, although at a much lower level.  We have received some spoof SPAM's with addresses.  The only e-mail you should receive should be from this one address, anything else we recommend you ignore if you have not been in direct contact with an member.


In a Jam?

What do you think about when stuck in a traffic jam?  Apparently a third of the German motoring public think about sex!  Must be Porsche drivers surely?



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