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Automotive and EMC Conferences


EMC Europe 2004

This International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility runs on 6-10 September in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The newsletter would be pleased to receive comments on this show or a review for our next issue.


Automotive EMC 2004 Conference

Just over a month to go to this years Automotive EMC 2004 Conference.  Bookings are only open until 1st October and discounts are no longer available (ended 1st September).


This years' conference has enhanced "goodies" available with bookmarks and conference bags being supplied to all registered delegates thanks to some generous sponsorship (details in the delegate pack).  The delegate pack is now  available and on-line (1.1MB PDF), this can be downloaded for interested non-registered parties and will be e-mailed to all registered delegates on 1st October.      LINK EXPIRED


IPC Europe Designers Learning Symposium

The IPC DLS postponed from May will now be running from 10th to 12th October 2004 at South Mimms.  Two of the Automotive EMC 2004 presenters are giving seminars on the first day so they are definitely in for a busy week.      LINK EXPIRED


Inter-Auto 2004

The automotive interiors conference actually features a paper on EMC this year; “Limits on cockpit design: the latest EU Directive on Electro-Magnetic Compatibility” (by yet another of our Automotive EMC 2004 speakers).  This conference has been added to our event calendar and we have also started adding events for 2005.


IEEE US Automotive EMC Conference

We received a few interesting feedbacks on our review of this conference in our last newsletter, these are posted anonymously for those interested.  It also brought up the interesting question of whether the SAE should bother maintaining their own EMC standards in light of the ISO/CISPR standards and trend towards OEM EMC standards convergence?  Any further feedback is always welcomed.


EMC York 2004 

A review of the recent EMC York conference and exhibition is posted for those who were unable to attend and are interested in what they missed.


Automotive EMC 2005

Next year the conference is moving to Germany and will be earlier in the year, planned for 11th May 2005 at the Nuremberg Messe, alongside SENSOR+TEST 2005 exhibition.  Due to the earlier date (the previous conferences have been in the Autumn) the "Call for Papers" is now posted and on-line.  Synopsis deadline is 20th December 2004, hence still plenty of time to work on a topic for next years conference.      LINK EXPIRED






If these acronyms mean nothing to you either you don't work in Europe or you are hiding your head in the sand?  If you work or supply to Europe they might soon come as a nasty surprise.  We have obtained PDF copies of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives and placed them in the "European Standards" section of our standards page.  They are all smaller than 230kB so easy to download.


IEC EMC Workshops in Asia-Pacific
A review of various EMC workshops run by the IEC across the SEA region during the summer were provided in the recent IEC newsletter.  These workshops primarily concern the development of global EMC standards.



EMC Test


Compliance Update Seminar

A review of the free seminar provided by TRL Compliance Services and Schaffner in June has been providing by one of the delegates.

Another of these seminars is being run on 12th October in Bradford, however, we expect all readers of this newsletter to be otherwise engaged at the Automotive EMC 2004 conference! (or EMC UK 2004)  If you can't make the trip to Newbury then the seminar details can be found via the link below.      LINK EXPIRED


ETL SEMKO Acquires Testing and Certification Firm Entela Inc.

The main interest of this item is that Intertek Group appear to have purchased Entela Inc. primarily for their automotive EMC test capability.  More commercial EMC test facilities now appear to be chasing the Automotive EMC business.


Cape Engineering Acquire EMC Projects

This item arrived the day after the last newsletter was issued, hence may be old news to some of our readers.  However it is an interesting combination for the Automotive customers of either of these companies since often the environmental testing and EMC testing are out-sourced by the same people at Tier 1 suppliers.


EMC Design Course at MIRA Ltd

With the success of their EMC course in June, MIRA Ltd are planning a repeat course for Wednesday 8th September. 

If you'd like more information, check their website for a brief overview from the previous course delegates.





Cost of End-of-Life Vehicles Directive

Autelligence have calculated that the ELV directive will have a total liability of over GBP13 billion (Euro 19B or nearly USD 24B).  This will ultimately have to be paid for by vehicle buyers.  Will recyclability become the next big legislated design issue?  Is it already?  Any comments?


ISO 9000: Still A Valid Standard?

Our article in the last issue concerning the relevance of ISO 9000 provoked a few heated responses, notably one in favour of some form of quality standard.


LIN Bus – An Emerging Standard for Body Control Applications?
Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a relative newcomer to the automotive world, but appears to be offering the same level of uptake for body modules as CAN has done for powertrain. Embedded Systems Engineering magazine has a view from Microchip on the ins-and-outs of the LIN bus that provides an excellent primer on the topic.


Microsoft and CAR Team to Study Auto Industry Practices

I know Microsoft have been looking to move into the automotive software business for some time and this research study is innocuous enough, but I have to confess to having a real fear of using an Operating System (OS) from Microsoft in-vehicle.  Even my PDA navigator is somewhat suspect if the wind blows the wrong way and I seriously doubt that the vehicle supply converter can cope with the automotive transients (it's sold in Europe without an "e"-mark?).  Would you trust a Microsoft OS for anything remotely function critical?  Even a body controller for door locks and windows (sic) would be a step too far for me.





One of our regular contributors has written an update to the EU Automotive EMC directive that was published in the "EMC and Compliance Journal" in their July edition.  For those who do not have time to trawl through the directive (still available via our Papers and Standards pages) the article is a good alternative to cross-comparing two EU directive revisions.


The same author has also updated their 42V-Powernet paper from last years Automotive EMC 2003 conference for an article in the US trade journal "Compliance Engineering".


Both papers can be found via the last 2 links on the Technical Papers page.





We are delighted to welcome MIRA Ltd as sponsor of our standards page.  With the ELV, RoHS and WEEE directives recently placed on this page we expect them to enjoy a high number of referred hits.


The website statistics for the first half of 2004 are now available for those interested.  We have had an incredibly successful first half, undoubtedly due to the recent EU Automotive Directive changes and our carrying of full copies of the old and new directives, but even this does not fully explain our massive increase in hits (more than the whole of 2003).  We guess people are still discovering the Automotive EMC network and even more encouragingly those that know about us are coming back.  We'd like to thank all our subscribers for using our site and hope that we can continue to provide you with a free information service that meets your requirements.  We always welcome feedback by e-mail on any aspect of the site or information provided.





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