EMC UK 2004 Exhibition: Replacement for EuroEMC?

The Grandstand at Newbury Racecourse


The first large scale EMC exhibition in the UK since the demise of EuroEMC in the late 1990's was held at Newbury Racecourse between 12th and 13th October 2004.  Alongside the Exhibition was the EMC UK 2004 Conference covering aspects of CE marking in Europe and some wider compliance issues.


The Exhibition


The exhibition was extremely well supported by the EMC industry, both from test services, equipment and component suppliers.  Over 50 companies had taken displays at the exhibition and some had really pushed the boat out for the first decent EMC exhibition in many years; special mention should go to 3C Test Ltd who had brought in a Jaguar racing car as the centre-piece for their stand.


The visitor numbers were high and attendance at stands was constant throughout each day, and not just during conference breaks.  In fact it may be true to say that the exhibition was more popular and better attended than the conference itself.  Some exhibitors were very pleased with the business they were receiving via the exhibition and most suggested they would be returning for 2005.  Some did suggest that their visits were from existing customers and competitors, but none seemed to be disappointed with the levels of new trade being generated. 


The exhibition was busy on both days.

The Conference


The conference was formed of invited speakers rather than the more usual peer-reviewed papers route, consequently the presentations fitted into the allotted topics well into the 3 daily streams, although the stream order did not always make sense and some concurrent topics would have been better if available sequentially.  The attendance at the conference was quite good, but due to the number of different optional streams some presentations had very few delegates in attendance.  Attendance at the topics which were not in the main Grandstand for example were very poor in comparison, some having less than 20 attendees.  Overall numbers seemed to be in the 150+ region, although with over 40 speakers and chairman in attendance actual paying public may have been significantly lower than observed numbers would indicate.


The proceedings were excellent and available in paper form in full colour.  Something many other conferences could do with learning from.  Mind you I doubt many conferences could afford this level of printing and I feel sure the relationship of the conference with Nutwood UK, the publishers of EMC & Compliance Journal, had something to do with the quality of the proceedings and use of full colour printing.


Undoubtedly the most eye-catching stand was by 3C Test Ltd featuring a Jaguar F1 Racing Car. 

A special  mention should go to the IEEE practical demonstrations on the Wednesday.  These were not especially well attended but had some excellent examples and demonstrations of EMC techniques and software.  The presenters of these were easy to talk to and clearly very keen to discuss and show-off their demonstrations.  It was refreshing to find EMC topics that you could literally touch and see in action.



October 2004


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Editor: The orgainsers of EMC UK 2004 (Nutwood UK Ltd) inform us that the total delegate attendance was 168.  The proceedings are available to buy at 75+P&P via the EMC UK website (www.emcuk.info)


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