New Automotive EMC Directive Published


The new Automotive EMC Directive 2004/104/EC is now published on the OJ:


The dates from when it will take effect are given in the Articles and see summary below. The basic requirement is that (like 95/54/EC) it will be mandatory under whole vehicle type approval (WVTA) for passenger cars (M1 category) and their aftermarket accessories, and at Member State discretion whether to apply it to other categories of vehicle. Therefore, for goods vehicles and buses, and for components intended for fitment to these, each member state has discretion as to whether or not to amend national legislation to require that new approvals and new registrations have to be approved to 2004/104/EC for EMC.


New Directive - summary points:




Aftermarket Accessories


E-marking will not be required for non-immunity related aftermarket accessories - however they will need to do both:


(1) self-certify compliance to the Automotive Directive emissions and conducted transients requirements, 




(2) obtain a certificate from the automotive authorities to certify the product or range of products is not related to immunity and thus does not need type approval. 2004                                                           TOP OF PAGE                                                                 HOME