Website Statistics for 2004


The second year of the sites’ operation has proved to be a tremendous success, hit rates are up by over 100% from an average 5,500 per month in the last half of 2003 to just over 13,500 per month for the last half of 2004, resulting in over 130,000 hits in 2004 (100,000 hits exceeded on 27th October 2004). 




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A lot of the 2004 success has been due to the hosting of the draft updated EU Automotive EMC directive early in the year and this can be clearly seen in the enormous hit rate the Papers section of the site has received, this section is up 200% on last years figures.  The directive is now released as 2004/104/EC and accessible both via Technical Papers and Standards sections and should help maintain the high hit rate through the early part of 2005.  The directive itself is now correctly located in the Standards section and this should de-skew the mix of hits between the Technical Papers and Standards sections of the site.  Another section that has seen a significant increase in interest is the Conference pages that have exceeded expectations for the whole of 2004 (these tend to peak just before the conference itself, this year in October).  The relatively close date of the next Automotive EMC Conference (11th May 2005) has enabled these pages to continue their high hit rate to the end of the year and again should continue into early 2005.


There is only one group of pages that are performing below expectation, these are the Equipment suppliers pages.  These suffered due to a missing web link on our main links site earlier in the year than was not detected until the half year results were analysed.  This error was corrected in July and the hits on the equipment pages have improved, but with over 6 months of lost opportunity the overall results are poor for 2004.  It is probable that the Equipment page is also a less used page than the Design and Test services as most people may test monthly but only buy equipment at irregular intervals.  The Test and Design pages have seen higher than expected hits have exceeded last year’s figures by 50% and 100% respectively.


The "Others" sections were filtered from August 2004 (due to other circumstances effecting the site, see below) and have been significantly lower in the second half of the year, representing just under 10% of daily hits.  These are hits to pages that have been removed (e.g. old "Call for Papers" pages), or direct downloads of our icons and image files and some viewing of the site structure without using our index page.  The daily ROBOT searches of the site (typically 10 per day) also hits these "others" statistics as they attempt to find directories, pages and files that do not exist (e.g. robots.txt).



Web Statistics Summary


Measure Total Hits Comment

Total Hits for 2004


1st January to 31st December 2004

Average Daily Hits


447 excluding weekends

Highest Daily Hit


Mon 22-Nov-04

Lowest Daily Hit


Sat 17-Apr-04


Major Revamp in 2004


In the middle of 2004 we had an off-line storage failure that resulted in a complete site rebuild.  This did not effect the site itself as the failure was off-line, but gave us the excuse to update some of the site structure and filter some of the "Others" hits as discussed above.  The main improvements were the indexing of the Newsletters and making direct link access to specific site pages available without going through the main page, but retaining the main-page navigation frame (the one that should remain at the top of this page as you scroll down).  This gives direct access to site sections using the links below, hopefully simple enough to type if you are away from your usual PC (remember to capitalise the first letter of the section of interest).


Technical Acesss;   

Commercial Access


We are always looking at ways of improving the site and if you have any ideas please forward to


Prospects for 2005


We completely underestimated the number of hits we would have in 2004, expecting in the region of 55,000, so we are notoriously bad at these estimates, however, we do feel that the site is reaching saturation on hits and that approximately 10,000 hits per month is a healthy and sustainable figure for our future.  


We know we have not reached saturation on the e-mail newsletter and at just over 1400 subscribers have probably another 600 or so potential subscribers out there.  This is one area that has struggled to grow throughout 2004 and has been at approximately 1400 subscribers for the last 6 months, however, we are starting to see small growth in markets outside of Europe and this is where we believe the majority of our future subscriber base growth is situated.


We have turned a corner in subscriber "churn" and have under 2% per newsletter, down from approximately 7% at the start of 2004.


Site Sponsorship


Web site page sponsorship is available again for those interested in assisting the site maintenance (page sponsorship only covers the cost of site hosting).  Please get in touch by e-mail if you are interested in sponsoring one of our pages (


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