Frequently Asked Questions:

Quarterly e-mail Newsletter

Q. What does the newsletter contain?

A. The newsletter will be an e-mail only short news service with snippets of news on Automotive EMC and design and links to relevant web sites for further details if the reader is interested.

Q. Will the newsletter contain any advertising?

A. There should be no direct advertising in the newsletter and it will remain free.  The closest a company can get to advertising is to sponsor a newsletter (same rate as the page sponsorship) and they will get a on-line message stating their sponsorship at the end of the newsletter with any relevant link they wish to provide.  Another method of getting a form of advertising through the newsletter is to make an offer available to AutoEMC subscribers and the editor will pass this on in the newsletter.

Q. Will the mailing list be available to other sites or information providers?

A. The mailing list will not be sold or passed on to third parties, there should be no way of your e-mail address being made available via the web site as it is held off-line. 2004                                                          TOP OF PAGE                                                             HOME