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The following are technical papers on the subjects of design and/or test to meet the automotive EMC standards that have been presented at various EMC seminars, colloquia or symposia (with the exception of the IEEE who have a separate page dedicated to their events).  

The authors of these papers have given their permission to reproduce their original submissions here, and in accordance with copyright restrictions the original publication of theses papers is recognised and referenced below.  If using these papers for reference in your own work please use the original reference and not the Automotive EMC network.

Our thanks go out to all the authors who have kindly given their permission to use their papers and to the work they have done to advance and promote the field of Automotive EMC.

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EMC Conference Papers


Paper Title Event Author(s) Date Size
EMC Who's Job is it Anyway? Automotive EMC 2003 Hartnett, P 6 November 2003 80kB
Automotive Test Harness: Standard Lengths and Their Effect on Radiated Emissions York EMC 2003 O'Hara, M. and Colebrooke J. 1 July 2003 444kB
Computed Impact of Optional Vehicle Features (Sunroof and Windscreen Heater) on Automotive EMC Characteristics 15th International Zurich EMC Symposium Alistair Ruddle February 2003 236kB
The EU Framework V Project "GEMCAR": Guidelines for Electromagnetic Compatibility Modelling for Automotive Requirements 15th International Zurich EMC Symposium Alistair Ruddle February 2003 180kB
Numerical Simulation for Early EMC Design of Cars CEM2000 Symposium Flavio Canavero, Jean-Claude Kedzia, Philippe Ravier, Bernhard Scholl September 2000 267kB
Achieving High Field Strength at High Frequency in a EC/95/54 150mm Stripline York EMC 2000 O'Hara M., Miller P., Wyatt, M. 10-11 July 2000 166kB
Numerical EMC in Ground Transportation : How to Manage Efficiently Realistic Automotive Problems  PUCA'99 Jean-Claude Kedzia November 1999 412kB
Comparison of Automotive Unit EMC Test Techniques IEE Colloquia: Electromagnetic Compatibility for Automotive Electronics Miller P., O'Hara M. 28 September 1999 252kB
Sources of Variability in Semi-Anechoic Chamber Radiated Emissions Measurement York EMC 1999 O'Hara M., Miller, P. Wyatt, M. 12-13 July 1999 102kB
Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI), Conducted and Radiated emissions of a harness towards a receiving antenna : comparison of numerical simulations with measurements. Euro-PAM'98 B. Scholl, W. Kühn, P. Malnoult, H. Luzet, J.C. Kedzia October 1998 163kB


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