Frequently Asked Questions:

Automotive EMC Technical Papers

Q. Where are the papers from?

A. The papers are donated by authors who share the aims of free dissemination of information on Automotive EMC and who own the copyright.  The papers may have been presented at other EMC conferences or seminars, or can be prepared specifically for this web site.

Q. Are the papers vetted?

A. Only to ensure they are relevant, the members do not have time to fully vet all the papers and accept them on the web, we expect the authors to standby their work.  A contact e-mail should be included in all the posted papers for queries.

Q. How do I submit a paper?

A. Send the paper via e-mail (preferably in Adobe PDF format) to  If not available in PDF format the will convert the document from a Word to PDF format before posting on the site.  

Q. Who owns the copyright?

A. Authors must own copyright for any papers they submit for publication on the site. The do not expect, or want, to own the copyright but act solely as a vehicle for their distribution.

Q. Can EMC standards be included for downloading?

A. EMC standards are generally sold to cover the cost of producing the standards and are hence not available for free.  The copyright is owned by the publishing body and even if the standards were available to the members (most, if not all, are via their workplace) we could not publish them on  the net.  If any OEM's would be willing to allow their existing or older standards to be placed in the public domain we would be delighted to host these documents.  Links are provided to the internet sites where the standards can be obtained. 2007                                   TOP OF PAGE                                        HOME