Frequently Asked Questions:

Automotive EMC Standards

Q. Why are the standards not available from the site?

A. The majority of the standards are sold by the standards producers to cover the cost of compiling and setting the standards.  Consequently can not make these available as this would breach the publishers copyright, most of the publishers charge a relatively nominal fee and links are provided to the standards provider. 

Q. Why are the OEM standards so difficult to obtain?

A.  Generally OEM standards are only provided to their suppliers.  Some (such as Ford) have a very open policy and publish their standard on the web, others supply their standards freely on request (although finding the correct person to request them from can be a major headache).  There are also some OEM's that treat their EMC standards as a trade secret as they believe them to contain information on the build standard of their vehicles.

Q. Can host OEM standards?

A.   If there are any OEM's that wish to make their EMC standards available then we would be delighted to hold them with our technical papers section.  Send the standard via e-mail (preferably in Adobe PDF format) to  If not available in PDF format the will convert the document from a Word (.doc) to PDF format before posting on the site.  Foreign language copies will be held, but the majority of the site is in English and we would request an English copy for supply as well as any foreign language version.

Q. What standards are most applicable?

A. This will depend on where you intend to sell your products.  The international standards are the most appropriate for the majority of world markets for aftermarket fit, within Europe directive 2004/104/EC is a legal requirement for all products intended for use in a passenger vehicle.  If supplying direct to an OEM their standard should be used. 2009                                                                 TOP OF PAGE                                                                   HOME