Who Makes Cadillac: A Short History of the Luxury Car Brand

Who Owns Cadillac

Who Makes Cadillac? A Brief History of the Automaker Who Makes Cadillac? Cadillac was founded in 1902 by Henry Ford’s former business partner, Henry Leland. Leland named the company after Antoine Laumet de Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer who founded Detroit—the city where Cadillac has always been headquartered. In its early years, Cadillac was known for … Read more

Who Makes Subaru Cars? A Comprehensive Guide

Subaru Cars

Who Makes Subaru Cars? Who Makes Subaru Cars? Subaru is a Japanese automaker that is part of the larger conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries. Fuji Heavy Industries was founded in 1953 and originally focused on building aircraft for the Japanese government. In 1958, Fuji Heavy Industries released its first car, the Subaru 1500. The name “Subaru” … Read more